HTC EVO 4G Minor Update

Guest Writer Craig Bennett

The HTC EVO is getting  a update 3.29.651.5. The update should fix the calendar editing and multiple Gmail account sync problems. Also the update will have a 30 FPS and GPS reboot fix. The update is being rolled out in batches but it is expected within a week all the HTC EVO users that have a non-rooted phone will get the update. The update is being release by over the air (OTA).

If you want to check for the update you can use a manually check.

1)     From the home screen, press Menu

2)     Select Settings

3)     Scroll down and select System updates

4)      Select Firmware update

If you downloaded the update please tell us if there is a major difference in the before and after the update.

TheUnlockr: Also, for those who are worried, this update is still rootable by Unrevoked :)


  • Stephen

    This is not a firmware update, but an HTC software update.

  • JoeConsumer

    The update has completely changed the feel of my EVO. I had become so accustomed to the lag associated with its FPS cap, that when the update was applied I was afraid it had overclocked my handset. Instead, video playback is smooth as silk, the menus are MUCH faster and more responsive, and web browsing has improved ten-fold.

    Bottom line… GET THE UPDATE!