Motorola WX445

Motorola made a new phone with a code name WX445 for Verizon Wireless. The phone features are

  • Android’s 2.1 OS
  • no flash on the 3MP camera
  • a touch screen size between 2.5 & 3 inches
  • a light 1170mAh battery
  • 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7625 CPU

Also this phone has 100MB user storage, this may change because this is a violation of the Android 2.1 CDD. Another violation is, this phone is missing an ambient light sensor and vibrates notifications. Android 2.1 CDD states “Device implementations MUST have at least 150MB of non-volatile storage available for user data. That is, the /data partition must be at least 150MB..” Also Android 2.1 CDD states Device implementers MUST provide support for each class of notification so defined; specifically: sounds, vibration, light and status bar.

When a device doesn’t meet the CDD standers Google tends to not certified and do not gain access to Google Mobile Service (GMS), like Gmail and Android Market. Google has bend the rules before, so its likely if Motorola doesn’t change the 100MB storage the phone will be OK for the Android OS.  If you want to check out Android 2.1 Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) then click here.

A rumor has it that this phone will run Motorola Blur but with Microsoft saying Motorola is infringing on their patents this is highly doubtful this will happen. There is no word on the street name, price, & release date yet. The thing to keep in mind is Motorola could change any of these features before the release date, but if the features do not change this phone will barely be able to run Android 2.1.


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