How To Use Your Android Phone’s Camera as a Webcam


Have you ever run into one of those times where you chatting over the net and a webcam would be handy to show the other person something? Well now, you can use your Android phone’s camera as a webcam. Some of the best apps out there are IP Webcam, AndIPCam, and DroidCam. Almost every app that turns your phone into a webcam works the same way.

To install IP Webcam, that requires Android 2.2+, click here or scan the barcode below.

To install AndIPCam that you can use on all Android clicks here or scan the barcode below.

To install DroidCam, that requires Android 2.1+, click here or scan the barcode below.

Because almost all webcams app setups are super similar to IP Webcam setup, here’s how to set up IP Webcam. This setup is in 2 sections. The first is the primary setup and the second section is how to set IP Webcam on skype.

Primary setup:

After you installed the app, make sure your phone is connected to your WiFi network, open the app, and check the settings. You have options for setting up a username and password if you so choose, change the resolution, quality, and frame rate, and you can choose your own port number or use the default 8080 port number. Scroll to the bottom and tap “Start server.” Once you do so, your camera preview will become the background and an IP Address will show up above the Start button as well as in the notification bar.

Now, go to your network connected PC that you wish to use the camera with. Open an internet browser and simply type the IP Address and port number displayed in the notification bar. If both devices are connected properly you will get a list of links letting you view the streaming video from your phone.

Skype setup:

To install and set up the webcam plug-in to use with Skype, first download one of many plug-ins that will work with this app. Once the plug-in installs most plug-ins will asks you for the IP Address, port number, and any username or password you might have set up. Once that is filled out, you have successfully installed your new webcam. Some computers may require a restart but then Skype recognizes the camera immediately.