How To: Restore the Nook Color to Stock

I. Before You Begin

1. This will erase everything off of the Nook Color and return it completely to stock (the way it was out of the box).

Thanks to Samuelhalff for the stock nook images! Original post can be found here. Please thank him/donate to him if you appreciate his work!

II. Create a Recovery Image SD Card

1. Download the Clockwork Recovery image FOR YOUR MEMORY CARD SIZE and save it to your computer (original post found here).

Clockwork Recovery Bootable SD Card Image

2. Extract the file somewhere on your computer. (You may need to download WinRar to extract it, Google it).

3. Take your MicroSD card and put it into an external sd card reader then plug that into your computer.

4. Open WinImage (the flashing program from our How To Root procedure) and select Disk > Restore Virtual Hard Disk Image on Physical Drive and select the SD Card/SD Card Reader and then select the Cwm .img file that we unzipped earlier and wait for it to finish.

III. Flash the Stock Firmware

1. Download the latest Stock firmware ROM from here and save it to your computer.

2. Copy the stock ROM (and leave it as a .zip file) to the sd card you just flashed using WinImage. Put it on the root of the SD card, NOT inside any folders just on the sd card itself.

3. Once it is done transfering, remove the sd card from the computer.

4. Turn off the Nook.

5. Put the SD card inside the Nook while it is off.

6. Turn on the Nook.

7. You should be greeted by the Clockwork recovery screen, on that screen select mounts and storage and select format system, then select format data.

8. Now make sure system and data are NOT mounted (they will say “mount system” and “mount data” if they are NOT mounted).

9. Push the power button to go back, then select Install zip from sd and then choose zip from sd and then select the stock nook ROM we put on the sd card earlier and wait for it to finish flashing. It will take a while.

10. Once it says install from sd card complete, turn off the Nook.

11. Remove the sd card and then turn the Nook back on.

IV. Reformat the SD Card Back to Normal

1. After the Nook has booted back to the normal homescreen, put the sd card back into it.

2. Then on the NOOKColor, go to Settings then Device Info then SD Card then click Unmount and then Format. Once it is done, it will remount the SD card and you will be good to go!

110 responses to “How To: Restore the Nook Color to Stock”

  1. xmav1 says:

    How long does it take the NC to get past the ‘n’ Screen after this process? Mine is stuck and moving no where

  2. Lucky Charmz508 says:

    when ii go to disk.. and click ”restore virtual……”… like my sd is not popping up =/… what should ii do? any suggestions?

  3. Peladio2 says:

    Is there a complete restore for stock firm ware1.1? If not, how can I make the curent one work with my Nook runing 1.1?

    • Bill says:

      My NC restored to 1.0.1. I couldn’t get the manual update from the B&N site to update to ver. 1.1. A call to B&N tech support did not help. They said to take it to a B&N store (3 hrs away) and have it done there. Then, about two weeks later the NC was sitting on the table and it suddenly lit up with a message saying that it was updating software and not to be turned off. When it finished I had ver. 1.1.0 installed. I assume this came automatically from B&N via WIFI.

  4. Peladio2 says:

    The video is great with steps easy to follow but when I choose nook-complete-restore-1.017, I am presented with another menu asking to choose a zip to apply

    Any sugestions??????

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  6. Peladio2 says:

    When I choose zip from sdcard it says no files found. Help!!!!

  7. Summersalex24 says:

    It worked perfectly. Restored back to B&N 1.0.1, then side load 1.1 to get back to most current firmware. Thanks.

  8. Ricky says:

    wow this was a bad night finaly got my nook to be android did a rom it completely screwed up my nook and then i restored the old software doing it this way and it messed it up even worse my nook wont work now it keeps flashing hopefully this is fixable

  9. Stricknook says:

    hi i download a file run it through winzip and get 3or4 folders on my desktop,none that have/are zips recognised by winimg or win32img. and im left with one “zip” and 3or4 foldersHELP im going batshit here

  10. Stricknook says:

    will this restore work for a warranty return they might check?

  11. Lennard_Sims says:

    Trying to restore my rooted Nook to factory settings so I can get the Nook update. I’m having the same issues as a previous post but didn’t see a fix. I’m on the last step: “Install Zip from sdcard”, “choose zip from sdcard”, then I choose “Nook Complete Restore”. But the following options come up:

    I went through the process 3 times with no success.

  12. Sadrad says:

    Thanks a million. It worked!!!

  13. Strider Stone says:

    It worked wonderfully for me. I had it rooted and was also using it with Honey Comb via SD card and this was as easy as it can be. Thanks a million

  14. pjswfla says:

    Perhaps I missed it in the instructions, but I would have saved an hour or so or frustration if I knew that to navigate up and down on the Clockwork Recovery screen, one needed only to tap the up./down volume keys on the NC. Once I stumbled across that I had no further problems.

  15. Gil says:

    Tried this. I have a later NOOK that came with 1.1 I think. I any case I followed this explicitly and it fails to boot to the stock, says failed to install to power off and try again. I am dead.

    It dislays Read Forever and then Install failed.

  16. The Roy Jackson post about restore to factory choice did not work for me either. Not surprised, seems it really does just the same thing done with CWR, which failed. Not sure why ever rooted it. I did have it working with CM7. I tried to install a new CM7 using ROM Manager. That killed it dead. Not a good reading experience anyway as compared to factory 1.2, just gives a tablet that does not compare with iPad.

  17. Apology and thanks. I simply did not wait long enough for it to come up. This did work and I even down,.loaded the 1.2 update and now it is at 1.2 again. Thanks to all.

  18. AM says:

    Hi. I did everithing but in the initial screen, my nook can’t access the web. What can I do?

  19. Cbpagent72 says:

    this guide doesn’t work for 1.2

  20. I have tried this every way that I can find on the net and it just sticks on the n screen after “touch the future of reading” I had CN7 installed but couldnt get the B&N app to work so we want to take it back to stock nook. I have been working this issue for 2 days now and I can not get it past the n screen.  HELP!

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