iOS 5 Limitations for iPhone 3GS Users: Reason Enough to Jailbreak?

Now that Apple’s iOS 5 update has been released to developers it has given people a chance to give it a full test drive, on the iPhone 4 that is. While the majority of the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, it has left many wondering how well it will run on the iPhone 3GS.

Rest assured, the limitations are not major. 3GS device holders will still be able to enjoy the new notification center in addition to the full Twitter integration. The Safari reading list, photo grid lines, Newsstand, and App store are included as well.

What’s not available are the Safari Tab options and the photo editing features. We know, it stinks, but it could very well be worse. Remember what happened to the 3G last year.

For those of you wanting all the bells and whistles of iOS 5 on your 3GS this would be a good time to consider jailbreaking your device. Pay attention to our iPhone How Tos for the latest jailbreaking procedures coming soon here.


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