How to Retrieve the MSL Code on the HTC Evo 3D

I. Before you begin

What is an MSL code? Your MSL code is the 6 digit Master Subsidy lock code for your phone. What does that mean to you? Well everything, if you know where to look. It is the code you need to perform any of the hacks on the phone, which require going into the ##___# menus. It is also the code required to activate, and do a hard reset on your phone.  Your device might also refer to the MSL code as a “lock code”.

II. Install the HTC Diag Drivers.

1. Download the drivers and extract them to your desktop.

2. Plug the USB cable that came with your phone, into both the phone and USB port on your PC.

3. On your phone, dial ##3424#. Once the numbers above are dialed, windows will attempt to install the correct drivers. This will fail.

4. We must now install the drivers manually. Go to the Start Menu. In the search box, type “device manager”(without the quotations) and hit enter. A separate window will pop up with a list of devices installed on your PC.

5. Once device manager opens, scroll down until you find a section called “other devices (without  the quotations). Underneath that, you will have something called HTC Diag with a yellow exclamation point. Right click HTC Diag and choose Update Driver. Two options will appear, pick the “Browse my computer for driver software” (without the quotations). Click on that.

6. Once you click on this, two more options will appear. Cho0se and click on the option that says “Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer” (without the quotations).

7. On the next screen, it will say “Select your device’s type from the list below” (without the quotations). It will be blank. Cho0se the “Have Disk” (without the quotations) option.

8. Select the HTC USB Modem and chose the “Have Disk” (without quotations) option and click on it.

9. A new box will open.

a. Click on “Browse” (without the quotations).

b. Choose the option for Desktop. Look for the folder you earlier extracted labeled “HTC Diag Driver” (without the quotations).

c. Double click on that folder. Depending on what type of Operating System you have (either 32 bit or 64 bit) cho0se the correct sub folder. Win x64 is the 64 bit options and Win x86 is the 32 bit option.

d. Select the correct file for your PC by double clicking on it.

e. Highlight the file “HtcUsbMdm” (without the quotations) and choose Open.

10. Once the correct file is chosen, it will open the path to that file and place it in the previous screen you chose “Browse” on. Select OK.

11. A new window will open, make sure HTC USB Modem is highlighted and select Next.

12. Another window will pop up prompting a security warning. This is OK as your PC is telling you that the drivers are not digitally signed.  Choose yes and allow it to install. Choose close when it finishes.

III. Steps to retrieve your MSL code.

1. Download the CDMA Workshop here.

2. Plug the USB cable that came with your phone, into both the phone and USB port on your PC.

3. Extract the CDMA Workshop zip file to your desktop.

4. On your phone, press the “phone” button on your home screen and dial ##3424#.

5. Double click on the CDMA Workshop icon to start the program.

6. Click on the Port option in the upper left hand corner. A separate window will open and tell you what com port your phone is connected to. Click OK.

7. Click the connect option. At the bottom left hand corner it will say “Connected to Com xx (your com port) successfully.

8. Once connected, chose the security tab.

9. Once you open the security tab, under the SPC/User Lock, choose Read. A six digit number will appear. If it does, this is your MSL code and you have performed this successfully.

If you would like to donate to the original developer, head on over to yoboii23 profile on XDA. You can also check out the original procedure on XDA here.

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  • Zerocool500

    Sorry mine says failed… cannot read spc??

  • Jason Ray Davis

    Hi I tried to install the drivers on the HTC diag part and when I got to the end it said it failed to install. I tried to reinstall but when I went into the device manager the HTC diag is no longer there. What do i need to do? Will I have to reset my phone to remove the failed driver?

    • Damian

      Delete the failed driver from your PC, re download and try again.

  • _R@¥_K@p13$_

    I have 32 bit, and the drivers are for 64 and 86, it doesn’t work

    • Aaroncamus

      Ummm… X86 IS 32 bit. You might not want to play with these toys there, son… You might just break sumthin’…

    • Andrew Ross

      use 86 drivers for 32 bit systems

  • Stevendepoo

    awsome works for me first try…….

  • Rafaellozod

    Although it didn’t work as simple as your video showed.(“HTC modems” never popped up)I did manage to get my msl #. Thanks a billion.

  • Catorres06

    I cant download the CDMA program for my htc evo 4g

  • Catorres06

    help me please

    • Damian

      I just tried to download, works fine on my end.

  • Shankarram Mohan

    Will this procedure unlock the phone and allow me to use any other CDMA carrier?

  • Muse

    does anyone know the code to increase the volume level? 

  • Ernesto Marquez

    Same issue “Error.. Cannot read SPC”.

    Not working.

  • H.L Jr

    Is this for PC’s only cuz i have a MAC

  • jjschiller

    Doesn’t work. “Failed… Cannot read SPC.”

    It’d be nice if someone maybe replied to the half-dozen people posting here who have the same exact problem……