How to Speed Up the Internet on the HTC Evo 3D

I. Before You Begin

You must have already retrieved your MSL code. If you have not, head on over to our how to retrieve your MSL code for the HTC Evo 3D:

How To Retrieve Your MSL Code on the HTC Evo 3D

II. Speed Up your Internet Browser Speeds

1. Go to your phone’s homescreen and press the “phone button”.

2. A dial pad will open, dial ##3282#.

3. Choose “edit” mode.

4. Your phone will prompt you for a password, this password will be your MSL code. Enter it now and then hit OK.

5. Then choose “advanced”.

6. Scroll down to RTSP/HTTP Setting and select it.

7. Choose and select RTSP proxy IP and change it to (four zero’s), then hit OK.

8. Choose and select RTSP proxy Port and change it to 0 (one zero), then hit OK.

9. Choose and select HTTP proxy IP and change to (fourzero’s), then hit OK.

10. Choose and select HTTP proxy port and change to 0 (one zero), the hit OK. This procedure will give you slight increases in your 3G speeds.

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  • Diaz2611

    can you make the same video but for the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4g 

    • Damian

      I dont think it will work.

  • bradley showen

    Will this work for the HTC EVO  4G? not the 3D one. 

    • Damian

      It should, yes.

      • Tgad

        Did not work for me

  • rafa

    has this worked for anyone?

  • Ricky Alexander Olivarez

    I’m wondering why you have four 0′s but say to enter 3?

    • Damian

      I guess I made an error. It’s 4 zeros.

  • Rammstein302

    it say can find the driver ..???????????? -000000  suckzz

  • Rammstein302