Leaked Press Shot of T-Mobile’s LG Doubleplay, Shows Off Dual Screens

We first caught wind of this dual screened beauty, codenamed  the ‘Flip II’, as part of T-Mobile’s leaked fall road map. Now the handset has emerged in a recently leaked press shotas the LG Doubleplay, giving us a taste of what we can look forward to this November.

The press shot shows off a five mega pixel rear camera with LED flash, a front-facing camera of unknown resolution, and what’s highly speculated to be a 320×480 HVGA main display. Little is still known about the second display, but we’re assuming it comes packed with quick shortcuts to the user’s apps.

According to T-Mobile’s road map, the Doubleplay is headed straight for a November 2nd launch with a $150 price tag on contract. We’re betting additional specs will leak out ahead of the launch, but for now you can check out the press shot below.


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  1. Eddie Gideon says:

    THats one Keyboard phone ill stay away from,

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