How To Root the HTC Incredible 2 (Unrevoked Method)

Do you have an HTC Incredible 2 and have always wanted to root it? We’ll show you the easiest way possible!

I. Before you begin.

1. You must have the HTC drivers installed. If not, download them from here and run the set up.

2. You must have adb installed, if you don’t, follow our guide here.

II. Setting up the Unrevoked rooting package.

1. Please go to Unrevoked.

2. Chose your operating system and select download.

3. You will now be prompted with a Beta key dialogue box. You will now be prompted for your operating system, what device you are using, Hboot version and serial number.

a. To get your Hboot version, power off your device and unoplug the USB cable (if applicable).

b. Hold the volume down button and power button simultaneously.

c. Once in fastboot, your Hboot version should be two lines down. Enter that number.

d. To get your serial number, pull out the battery and locate the serial number sticker.

e. Enter that information in the serial number spot. 4. Select generate and copy the key to a word document.

5. Once downloaded, extract all contents to your sdk\tools folder.

6. On your phone, select menu.

7. Select settings.

8. Scroll until you see applications and select it.

9. Select unknown sources.

10. Select development.

11. Make sure USB debugging is checked.

12.Go back into settings.

13. Select power.

14. Make sure fastboot in not checked.

15. Plug your phone in via the USB cable.

16. Select disk drive.

17. Download the Clockwork Mod recovery.

18. Place in your androidsdk\tools folder.

19. Download the superuser package and place on your desktop (do not extract).

20. Place the folder on the root of your sd card (not in and files or folders).

III. Running Unrevoked.

1. On your computer, go to the start menu.

2. In the search field, type cmd.

3. Once the command prompt window opens, type the following, hitting enter once finished.

cd c:\androidsdk\tools

4. Once you are in your android sdk directory, type revolutionary.

5. Hit enter.

6. You will be prompted for your beta key now, copy and paste it into the command prompt.

7. Follow the prompts to run the program.

8. When the root program is down, it will ask you to install the clockwork mod recovery, select yes.

9. Once it’s done, (still in fastboot) scroll down to the recovery option and press the power button.

10. Once in recovery, navigate to the install zip from sdcard option and select it.

11. Select choose zip from sdcard.

12. Select the superuser zip and press power to install.

13. Once completely flashed, reboot.

If you would like to donate to the developer, please visit

Now that you are rooted, go ahead and load a custom ROM.

  • Enjoisucks

    Does this work on the latest update to android 2.3.4?

  • Enjoisucks

    I’m not hatin but that was frustrating to go through and have it NOT support HBOOT .98. If your device has received the Android 2.3.4 update which came out a good month ago, then you have HBOOT .98 and this will be as useless to you as it was to me. Please update with a root that supports the latest update or at least update the article as courtesy to us. Thanks for the work…I rooted my first phone the mytouch using a guide from this site.

    • DINC2 user

      Agreed…just got an DINC2, but cannot root it, due to HBOOT .98…

  • Bhutch76

    Ditto the other comments!!  I’m pissed!  Just spent the better part of an hour following your guide and it won’t work on my dinc2 with 2.3.4!!   Come on, at least put a disclaimer in the title of the page.

  • Frankie

    Thanks for posting this. However, you left out Step 0:
     Unlike Unrevoked 3, these instructions are for MS Windows only.

  • Trevorloghry

    update for 2.3.4 hboot .98.

  • Jerell0649

    do this root 2.3.4???

  • Agergamer

    The download link for
    the HTC drivers is broken

    Does anyone know where else i can get them?