How To Install Android on the HP Touchpad (CyanogenMod)

Well, the day has finally come. Android has been ported over to the now infamous HP Touchpad!

I. Before you begin.

1. This is an extreme ALPHA build. This means it is most likely buggy and things may or may not work.

2. This will VOID your HP warranty.

3. Not for everyone, especially if something you use daily on the touchpad is non functioning (at least for now).

4. You need at least 2 GB of free space on your touchpad..

II. Preparing for the install.

1. Download the Novacom drivers and run the set up.

2. Download Cyanogen mod for the touchpad.

3. Download Clockwork Mod Recovery.

4. Download Moboot.

III. Installing cyanogen mod.

1. Plug the tablet in with the USB cable and select the usb drive option.

2. Go into the touchpad’s drive on your PC and on the root (not in any other files or folder) of the sd card, make a new folder called cminstall.

3. Place the cyanogen mod, moboo and clockwork mod recovery files into this foler.

4. Right click the touchpad drive (where you just placed the files into) and select eject.

5. Unplug the USB cable.

6. Power off the device.

7. Power the device back on holding the volume up button and power button at the same time.

8. Plug the USB cable back in.

9. On your PC, download Acme installer.

10. Extract the files to your desktop.

11. Move the extracted file to your c drive > Program Files> Palm, inc folder (tricky, but easy to find).

12. On your computer, click on the start menu.

13. In the search box in the start menu, type cmd and hit enter.

14. Change the directory to the Palm, inc folder.

cd c:\program files\palm, inc

15. Them type the following.

novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller 16. Reboot.

  • Carrollcburns

    Where have you posted the video to revert back to WebOS?

  • Hitesh

    Thanx a lot… works great

  • R

    Hi …
    When u say
    3. Place the cyanogen mod, moboo and clockwork mod recovery files into this folder

    they are .zip …. copy the .zip or extract them first and copy the extracted files with their respective folders.