How To Use VoIP on Various WiFi Only Android Devices

So you have an Android device like the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 or 5.0 and you want to use that device to make phone calls when connected to WiFi?  Here, we will show you how.

In this post we are specifically dealing with the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 but any Android device with a built-in microphone that is running Android OS version 2.1 or later should be able to make VoIP calls as well.  You can also configure your Android phone as well to help conserve your minutes from your mobile carrier (Note: doing this may violate your customer agreement with certain carriers).

Configure Google Voice Account:

  1. You will need a Google Voice phone number tied to the same gmail account you are using with your device.  Using a computer, follow the link HERE to set up a Google Voice number if you do not already have one.  If you already have a Google Voice number go ahead and sign in.
  2. From your inbox, click on the settings button on the right side of the screen.  Under the “Phones” tab, make sure to check the box to forward calls to Google Chat.

Download and Install the Following Apps On Your Android Device:

  1. Go to the Android Market and install the “Google Voice” application (free).
  2. You will also need to purchase an app called “GrooVe IP”.  Information on the GrooVe IP application can be found HERE (currently cost $4.99 in the market).
  3. Open each application and sign in using your Google Voice username and password.

How This Works:

  • Google Voice will be used to send and receive text messages.  It can also be used to view (in plain text) or listen to voice mail messages left by callers.
  • GrooVe IP is what allows you to make and receive calls using your Google Voice account.  This application includes a stand alone phone dialer which is incredibly useful on a WiFi only device that does not include a native dialer application.
  • There are many options and settings in the GrooVe IP application that you can adjust to make phone calls work properly and optimize performance for your device.  Every device may have slight or even drastically different settings required for proper operation.  The developer of this application has a lot of useful information on their website found HERE.

Trial & Error is Key:

Make plenty of test calls because to a few different numbers to tweak the settings and ensure the best possible performance.  Make note of your settings as well as what worked and what did not work.  Enjoy!

Please feel free to post your experiences below.  List the name of your device as well as any settings you had to adjust.  For the device I was using these are the settings that worked for me:
  • Device:  Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0
  • Notes:  I could hear callers with the stock settings but the experience was better for myself as well as the people on the other end when Voice Synchronization was turned on.  I tried to turn Audio Processing on first but callers said I sounded muffled and robotic, plus there was a delay of approximately 5-6 seconds.  I have found that the shortest voice delay I can achieve is 2-3 seconds which may seem like a lot but in normal conversation, it works quite well.

  • Fidc

    Nice article, this is what I actually do for phone service, I use a samsung galaxy s phone though. Talkatone is actually on the verge of releasing their app on android, they will be releasing a beta within a few days, don’t know if it will be public or private.

  • Anonymous

    I use Viber, Tango, and GrooveIP. The only thing is you have to be aware that you are using VOIP, and there are two major issues, Call lag (speak, wait, listen, wait, speak, wait), and echo, echo, echo. Aside from that, the cost savings is substantial, I dropped to a Virgin mobile $35 plan and I’ve used a whopping 10 minutes, halfway through my month. As far as everyone is concerned, my google voice number is my primary line, and all my phones are being forwarded to. Sometimes I answer my VOIP, sometimes the landline, and rarely, the mobile.

  • Austin Beatty

    Wow I just set that up, I never realized the full potential of Google Voice, that’s amazing :) Well worth my $5, considering now I basically have unlimited calls and texts in wifi areas…

  • R G

    i have been on an endless search for a workaround that will allow me to make calls from a vizio 8″ tablet. Is anyone aware if this will work?

  • Snrb Labs

    If you can email me the settings you had to use for your thunderbolt I’ll make sure those are set by default for that device.  Our email is

  • Steve_0_d

    i been using these 2 apps for the last few weeks awsome! no cell service on my phone quit paying the bill!! stillcalling and texting all i want with wifi!!!! whoopwhoop down with the man!

  • Fidc

    I use an ipod touch 4g now with talkatone, it is a much better experience than the galaxy s phone I had.

  • JamieM

    everything is working great but i can’t get it to receive calls they all just go straight to voicemail

  • JasonF

    I have the same issue as JamieM. I have everything setup as you said, but can’t receive the phone calls. Making them works fine. I notice under “groups & circles” all calls are being forwarded to Google Talk. Is that a program I need installed?

  • JasonF

    Jaime. Found solution. For me, it seemed like the biggest thing they skipped over was downloading the Google Voice add-on for gmail, which is not the same as the google voice app. Go to your gmail from your computer and in the chat section click on “Call Phone.” A dialer will pop up and also something that says “Download Google Voice Add-on.” Do it and install it and all will work.

  • Charley Birkner

    This doesn’t seem to work if you have an *unactivated* phone for wifi only gvoice setup. That is to say, Google voice setup stalls when trying to set up your voicemail (since there isn’t a “This phone’s” cell number for it to call to get voicemail settings from). Resetting this # to a landline number doesn’t work either. You can make and receive groove calls (grooveIP works fine), but nothing else like transcription, text messaging, incoming calls, or emailing. Google Voice setup HAS to finish to enable this, yes? If anyone has a workaround for this, please post :)

  • Roy Goering

    And the texting, receiving messages, translation functions all work too without finishing the “this phones” cell number step completing.

  • Jeremey

    I was able to get this working on an old phone (my idea was to have a phone the kids can take to their mom’s house so they can call me when they want to) but I run into a problem. The old phone can call my number but when I call the google voice number from my actual phone it thinks I am checking my voicemail. Any way around this?

    • snrb Labs

      Google will detect any number you have associated with your Google Voice account and think that you’re trying to access voice mail. If you remove that number from your Google Voice account then you’ll be able to call your Google Voice number from that phone.