How To Install Safestrap Recovery on the Motorola Droid Razr

Safestrap recovery is similar to Bootstrap recovery but it is designed to be a safer alternative. The recovery is “safer” because you actually create a second system partition on your Razr and all of the files on your primary system partition are not actually modified. You can still flash any ROM of choice but you have an safety net in case things go wrong. You can also boot into recovery from your initial boot screen so if you find yourself stuck in a boot loop…don’t worry.

Are you a little confused as to what all that means? In that case, this recovery solution is probably for you (don’t worry you seasoned pros…this is a recovery for you too).

Before You Begin:

Download Files:

Install the Safestrap.apk:

  • First you must make sure your device allows for non-Market applications to be installed. From the home screen on your phone, press menu > settings > applications > make sure that “Unknown Sources” box is checked.
  • Using any file manager, locate the Safestrap.apk file you downloaded and install the application.

Install the Safestrap Recovery:

  • Open the Safestrap application (now located in the app drawer).
  • When prompted, allow Superuser permissions.
  • Your Recovery State should be listed as “Not Installed”. Go ahead and click the button labeled “Install Recovery”.
  • Verify that your recovery state now is listed as “Installed”.

To access the Clockwork Mod Based Recovery:

  • Power down your phone.
  • Power your phone back on and when prompted, press your capacitive menu button (if you do not do this within 10 seconds of being prompted, you will reboot into your current OS).

To Completely Remove Safestrap:

  • Open your Safestrap application.
  • Click the button labeled “Uninstall Recovery”.
  • Now uninstall the Safestrap application. To do this, from your home screen press menu > settings > applications > manage applications > scroll down until you see Safestrap and select it. Then simply click the button labeled “uninstall”.

Be sure to check out our video on how to install a custom ROM using Safestrap recovery.

  • katiechu

    Dunno if you know, but that hash-of-codes link is broken, they moved their blog to

  • Carlos

    Hi thanks for this!! but i have a question, if i want to uninstall the ROM of the safemode, how can i do it?

    • Mahesh Makvana

      If you’re talking about custom ROMs, then you can replace your current custom ROM by flashing the stock ROM.

      • Carlos

        yeah, but when you use safestraps, you install the custom ROM on a different “partition”. Flashing the stock ROM will replace bot ROMs, the one on the non-safe mode and the safe mode?