How to Turn your Android Phone into a WiFi HotSpot

Android Smartphones have lots of possibilities which you can’t think of sometimes. If you have got yourself an Android phone and want to share its 3G Internet with other WiFi devices, then you can do it easily and for free. Yeah, you don’t need to buy any hardware nor any softwares. Once you have enabled sharing your 3G, all your other WiFi enabled devices will be able to use your Android phone’s data connection and can connect to Internet.

For instance, you can connect your iPad to the WiFi Hotspot and you will have Internet connectivity on your iPad. It saves the cost of buying separate Internet connection for your other devices and a single connection will work great for all of them. Here’s how you can turn your Android phone into a WiFi HotSpot.

I. Before You Begin:

  1. You must have a rooted Android smartphone in order to use this method.

II.Downloading Required Files:

  1. Download Barnacle WiFi Tether app from here.

III. Setting up WiFi HotSpot:

      1. Once you have downloaded the Barnacle WiFi Tether app from the Google PlayStore, just install it on your phone.
      2. Go to Menu and tap the app icon to launch it.
      3. From the main interface of the app, tap the Start button to commence your WiFi HotSpot. Your phone’s screen will look like this:


      4. When you tap the Start button, it will ask for the Superuser permission, tap on the Allow option.

Your WiFi HotSpot is setup now and you can connect any WiFi enabled device to this HotSpot and can enjoy Internet connectivity on that device. You can change WiFI HotSpot settings from the Settings menu, like SSID, WEP Key, etc.

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    Will it appear on my bill or no?

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      hello sir am a tech geek and this is a free wifi hot spot app so it will not show up on ya bill

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        I believe your name is a tad… let’s go with less than humorous. You see, the Devil wouldn’t simply “Haunt” and if he did, it certainly wouldn’t be a dream, a nightmare would be closer in terminology. Also, not everybody believes in the “Devil” as he is supposedly a fallen angel, which derives off of Christianality, something I am not part of…