How to Remove Apps from Android Phone

Installing apps on an Android Phone is easy and fun. But what happens when you aren’t using an app any longer, or you decide that one of the apps that came with your phone is not something you are interested in having on the phone, or even looking at? This how-to will show you two ways to remove apps from your phone: apps that came with the phone, and apps that you have installed yourself.

Removing Pre-Installed Apps

Without rooting your phone, it is not possible to remove all pre-installed apps from the phone. However, you do have some choices about some apps on your phone. To learn what pre-installed apps you can remove, follow these directions:

1. Go to “Settings”

2. Go to “Applications”

3. Select “Manage applications” from the menu

4. You will be presented with a menu of choices including “downloaded” apps, “all” apps, “media area” and “running” apps.

5. Select “all”

6. In the “All” area, select an application that you would like to remove from your phone.

7. When you select the app, you will be given a menu that contains a lot of data about the app. On the top of the screen, you will bepresented with a button that has the “Uninstall” option if the app can be removed from your phone. Select this option.

8. You will be asked if you are sure that you want to uninstall the app. Select “Ok”

9. The application will be uninstalled.

Removing Apps that You Have Installed

Going app crazy is definitely natural when you have an android phone – after all, there is so much fun stuff to try out. However, there comes a point where you try an app and it just isn’t working for you, or you have apps that you no longer use. Although android phones can handle and operate a lot of different applications, it is best to keep your apps limited to the ones that you prefer and use so that you can find them easily in your app library. Here are some methods to get rid of unwanted apps on your android phone:

You can repeat the process for removing pre-installed apps to remove apps that you have downloaded by choosing “downloaded” in step 5, then following steps 6-9.  Selecting downloaded will narrow your apps to those you have downloaded.

1. Another method to remove apps you downloaded? Go to “apps”

2. Go to “play store”

3. Type in the name of the app. Select search icon.

4. App should come up and say “installed” next to the name. Click on the app.

5. The information page for the application will come up with an option to uninstall on the top of the page. Select “uninstall”

6. The app will uninstall from your phone.

This is part of our Android Basics/Tips and Tricks series. Great for anyone new to Android, or anyone just looking to learn a few tips and tricks! For all our Android Basics, head here.

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    Dont have the option to uninstall on Lg Optimus 2x Android 2.3

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