How to Prevent Apps from accessing your Location in Windows 8

To provide users with better and more relevant results, the apps on your Windows 8 PC often use your location data. It enables them to serve you the most relevant information, for example, a hotel nearby your current location. Sometimes, you may want to disable it for security or any other reasons. Here’s how you can disable your location sharing in Windows 8:

I. Preventing Apps from accessing your Location in Windows 8:

1. Press the Windows Logo+I keys together.

2. Select Change PC settings option from the right-hand side on your screen.

Change PC settings

Click on Change PC settings

3. Click on Privacy tab and turn the Let apps use my location slider OFF.

Privacy settings

Slide it to turn it OFF

4. You’re done!

Great! The location sharing has been disabled on your PC and from now on, none of the apps will be able to track your location, you have all your data confidential!

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