MotoBlur ROM

Rom InfoRom NameMotoBlur
Os VersionN/A
Ui SkinN/A
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Developer InfoDeveloper Namemastermind278
XDA Profile PageN/A

16 responses to “MotoBlur ROM”

  1. Zazhar101 says:

    Wont let me login to motoblur using my acct… any ideas? it says already associated with this phone?.. 😐

  2. Dan says:

    Got it all setup. The only issue so far is no 3G. Anyone has a fix?

  3. Dan says:

    Got it all setup. The only issue so far is no 3G. Anyone has a fix?

    • here to help says:

      check your apn. go to settings<wireless and networks<mobile networks<access points google your networks apn and when found in access points names hit meny and select add new and fill it out when done hit menu again and choose save and it should work.

  4. Djgallis2 says:


  5. Alex says:

    anyone know wich version of android is this rom??

  6. Djgallis2 says:

    ROM works great

  7. Anonymous says:

    can any one help me when I make a call or recieve a call with this rom on my phone I can’t hear them until I press the speaker phone first and I could only hear for a little while then I can’t hear anymore!! motoblur rom 2.1 update 1 is there a way I can fix this problem

  8. K help, Everything works fine cept the sound for calls, working on that right now, but starting today “Flashed rom 2 days ago” Anyways today it started to randomly reboot…. is that normal? its not horribly often, but twice in the last 2 hours. Should i be concerned that i did something wrong?

    • Hbk_2008_rs says:

      I cant say for sure if you did something wrong, it could just be your device, i would say makesure you have your backup done, whipe and reflash, download the files again to make sure they arent corrupt, do you have OC {overclock} enabled? that could cause random reboots if you have it set to high or to low. tell me what all you have done.

  9. The link to the sound fix in the comments below is now not working… anyone know another place to find the Sound fix when making/recieving calls, The speakerphone button fix.

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