18 Year Old Student Gets Google’s Attention With 30 Second Smartphone Charger Technology

Our smartphones can do so much. It can provide answers to a question before you even finish typing, it can call your contacts without ever having to actually touch the keypad, and can make sure you’ll never find yourself lost on a road trip all the while streaming your favorite songs the entire time. We can all admit that life without our precious smartphones is somewhat unimaginable. The price we pay for being attached to our smartphones is a less than desirable battery life. At some point in the day, if not multiple times throughout the next 24 hours, your baby will be tethered to its lifeline–the dreaded charger.

Well, 18 year old Eesha Khare has taken on this problem by developing a supercapacitor that can charge phones in under 30 seconds as part of the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

No surprise the impressive tech caught Google’s eye, and the company has reportedly contacted Khare about the project. She hasn’t disclosed any specifics about what Google has talked to her about, but made it clear she’s not selling anytime soon. The technology she’s working on right now is already built to hold 10,000 charge-recharge cycles, which is 10 times more than the standard battery in our phones today.

No wonder Google is trying to woo the details out of this brilliant mind. Khare is currently preparing to evolve the technology and continue research into the future. You can check out Khare in action in the video below.



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