How To: Root Your MyTouch 3G / Magic (GoldCard Method)


PLEASE NOTE! IF YOU HAVE A MyTouch 1.2 / Fender, STOP!

Before Beginning:

Have a SPARE memory card (2GB is perfect and relatively cheap) to use for the Goldcard procedure, do NOT use your normal everyday card as it will ONLY be a goldcard after we are done.

I. Setup ADB and Create a Goldcard

1. Just follow our new How To Create a Goldcard procedure and once you have finished it enitrely and have a working goldcard, come back to finish this procedure.

III. Root the MyTouch using the Goldcard

1. Download the file for your phone: (for old MyTouch and all Magics)

Save the file to your computer, then save it to your goldcard (Do NOT rename it to anything, leave it as Then take out your Goldcard from the computer.

2.. Take your original memory card (NOT YOUR GOLDCARD) and save whatever is on it to your computer as a backup before beginning.

3.Put the memory card into your phone (AGAIN NOT THE GOLDCARD).

4. With the memory card in your phone, click on Settings, SD and Phone storage, then click Unmount SD card. Once it unmounts, click Format SD card.

5. Plug the phone into the computer and mount the SD card so we can save a file to it.

6. Download the 1.33.2005 HBoot and save it to your newly formatted memory card, and then rename it to (windows sometimes just needs you to rename it update and if you still see the zip folder symbol next to the file that means that it is still even though it only shows update).

7. Turn off your phone once the file is on the memory card.

8. Take out the memory card from the phone and put in the Goldcard (all while the phone is still off).

9. Turn on the phone by hold down the Power and Volume Down button. When the screen comes to the rainbow (or skating android screen), it should automatically pick up the file and ask you to update. Go ahead and update (DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS).

10. Once the flashing is COMPLETE. Then turn off the phone.

11. While the phone is off, take out the Goldcard and put in the regular SD card (the one with the file on it).

12. Turn on the phone while holding Back and Power until the Fastboot screen comes up.

13. Download Amon Ra’s Recovery Image and save it to the AndroidSDK\Tools folder on your computer.

14. Plug the phone into the computer (while still in fastboot mode).

15. Goto the Start menu type cmd into the run section of the start menu and hit enter to bring up the Command Prompt.

16. Type the following into the command dos prompt on the computer (the black screen with white letters that just opened) while the phone is connected through USB, hitting enter at the end of the line:
cd androidsdk\tools\
fastboot devices

17. You should see a serial number pop up and the word fastboot to the right of it. This means that your USB drivers are all set up correctly and you can continue. If you do NOT see this, then you need to start over or Google for how to set up the USB drivers correctly (this will help).

18. If it worked, type the following into the command prompt (with hitting enter at the end of the line):

fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0H.img *the 0 in 1.2.0H is a Zero not an Oh

19. Once the phone boots into the recovery mode, then click on Apply (if you get Can’t Mount E: etc. then just click Wipe Data on the recovery screen then hit Apply again).

20. Once it is finished applying the update, hit home and back to reboot the phone. It should boot up into recovery mode OR get stuck at the HTC Magic screen. Once it does either of those, then take out the battery and put it back in.

21. Turn on the phone by holding Back and Power to get into Fastboot mode again. At the top it should read 1.33.2005. If so, turn off the phone. If not retry this section.

22. Take out the SD card (while the phone is off) and put it into your computer via the cardreader it came with.

23. Open the memory card on the computer and delete the file from the memory card.

24. Download Amon Ra’s 32A based image and save it to the memory card, rename it to

25. Put the SD card back into your phone and turn the phone on by holding down Back and Power. Once it boots up into fastboot mode, plug the phone into the computer via Usb (the command prompt should still be open on your computer).

26. Type the following into the command prompt (with hitting enter at the end of the line):

fastboot boot recovery-RAv1.2.0H.img *the 0 in 1.2.0H is a Zero not an Oh

27. Once the phone boots up into recovery mode, click the Apply (if you get Can’t Mount E: etc. then just click Wipe Data on the recovery screen then hit Apply again).

28. Once the update is complete click home and back to reboot.

29. ALL DONE YOU NOW HAVE ROOT! You can use the phone as is now with Root access. If you want to load a new ROM (like a Hero ROM for instance) then go to the next step.

IV How to Put the MyTouch Splash Screen instead of the Vodafone One

1. Download the original splash screen:

MyTouch Splash Image

2. Save it to the Tools folder of your AndroidSDK (same place you saved the Recovery Image etc.).

3. Turn on your phone by holding down Back and Power to get to Fastboot mode, then plug it into the computer.

4. Open the command prompt on your computer, then type:

cd AndroidSDK\tools
fastboot flash splash1 splash.nb

5. Reboot the phone once it is done.

V How to Install Hero or another 32B ROM

Visit our next video, How to Load Hero onto your MyTouch 3G 🙂

Reported Issues

None reported…

  • Llamider

    What happend to QMAT 4.36? I go to the site and its all about “PSAS”


  • jae

    @theunlockr ..Where’s tech support?
    All I get is “can’t up date version to old ”
    Try on two different phones and yes I am
    Using a samdisk sdcard

    • Jae,

      What? Tech support?
      This site is a resource not tech support.

  • adr
  • Geoff

    The link above for QMAT works perfectly! It’s just called PSAS now! It says at the top of the screen that PSAS is the successor to QMAT. Gold card process worked perfectly with the new software!

  • Geoff

    You are an amazing resource and unbelievably benign for sharing all this knowledge! Thank you! One question for you!

    I have a MT3G that is showing up as SAPP30000. Is this image going to work for me? I’ve seen a couple of comments saying that it was the wrong model id. If I do change the text in the android text file to the correct model would I have to resign it? I guess that’s an irrelevant question if this image will work! I’d appreciate your insight!


    • Geoff,

      Give it a try, worst that happens is it will say Wrong Model ID. But the idea is that the goldcard if done right will bypass the model ID check…
      Good luck!

  • jae

    @theunlockr You said if we had trouble with the process
    To look for tech support at the end of the proceder
    …dead link I try. ….
    I did all the steps with my samdisk card everything went smooth
    But when I hit update it said version to old
    Any ideas. .I’m not trying to be a smart@$$.

  • adr

    goldcard generator link not dead! SCROLLDOWN!

  • CECE

    is it true that getting the cid can be done using terminal?

  • jae

    @CECE YES .
    IF YOU HAVE 1.33.0007 SPL .!!

  • CECE

    I was on part two flashing the hboot1.33.2005 but once i flashed it the phone never went back in to reacovery. it booted up htc magic..

    model num: htc magic
    baseband: 62.525.20.18u_3.22.20.17
    Kernel: 2.6.27-357975db
    bulid nymber: 146733 cl#31685 test-key

    Should I continue on and just take the battery out and move on to the next step? Or am I done?

  • CECE

    LMAO nevermind….I need to learn to follow directions and stop trying to follow the video!

  • CECE

    I was on the last step and im stuck at the vodafone red screen. I can still boot into fastboot mode but every time I do steps 24-28 I never leave the red vodafone screen..what am I doing wrong?

  • CECE

    well I changed the splash screen to mytouch. But I still cant boot my phone pass this screen. I tried doing steps 24-28 again and again, I even wiped the phone but still nothing pass the mytouch splash screen. Should I move on to the next video (load hero rom)? Or should I unroot and try this again? Im lost!

  • CECE

    should I redo section 3 over and reload the spl?
    Im on

    sapphire pvt 32b eng s-off h
    hboot-1.33.2005 (sapp30000)

    will flashing the spl again brick my phone?…(sorry for posting so much ..Im very

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  • bar1

    i am afraid i bricked my Magic last night trying to update the SPL! since that i can’t power it up, even i can’t get into fastboot… the only thing i get is a green led (or orange) at the top when plugging but led comes off when press the power button. No chances for a soft/hard reset… is there any solutions for me?? my htc is only 2months old 🙁

    • Bar1,

      Why did you load an SPL on your Magic? Unnecessary lol
      You might have to call HTC and just tell them that your phone got an update over the air and then it wouldnt turn on after and see if they will cover that under warranty (make them think their OTA came and messed up the phone).
      Good luck!

  • Chris

    I need a copy of the file if anyone can email it to me. the link isn’t letting me download it.


  • Jason

    Okay, just making sure.. I messed up on the Recovery image, it took me to a vodafone image and then it went into the default recovery.. so do I have to reformat my SD card again to load a new recovery image? or can I just do it right away?

    • Jason,

      You are supposed to use the Vodafone image. But you need to flash a custom recovery afterwards and then you can load a new ROM (and get rid of the Vodafone image that way).
      Just follow the directions it tells you.

  • FiascoBerry

    I got up to the insert gold card portion and afterwards the phone told me the update failed due to an incorrect MODEL ID…

    Also with the special code a had to reverse…the code started with fr and then proceeded with digits, should i have replaced the “fr” with 00 or the digits that came after?

    • FiascoBerry,

      Incorrect Model ID means the goldcard did not work.
      You need to replace the first two characters not digits. See how I do it in the video and in the procedure.

      First though can I ask, do you have a MyTouch? Or a Magic?

  • FiascoBerry

    I have a mytouch 3g…with the 3.5mm that device any different from a regular mytouch?

    • FiascoBerry,

      Yes it is. But the goldcard method you are looking at SHOULD work (and cant hurt), its the one click method on our site that will most likely not work for you 3.5mm myTouch.