How To: Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Hero

1. Download a ROM from to your computer. Or check our Downloads section and click on Android then ROMs and use the search bar at the top and type in “Hero ROMs”. *IF YOU HAVE A SPRINT HERO MAKE SURE THE ROM YOU WANT IS COMPATIBLE FOR THE SPRINT HERO!

2. Plug in your phone and pull down the Notification bar when the SD notification pops up.

3. Click on the notification and select Mount.

4. Once the SD card is on your computer screen, copy the ROM from your computer to your SD card (make sure NOT to put it in any folders on the SD card, just on the SD card by itself).

5. Once it is done copying, rename it on your SD card to update (in windows it should just need to be renamed update and you should still see the Zip folder icon to the left of the file to indicate that it is still

6. Unplug your phone and turn it off.

7. Turn the phone on by holding down Home and Power till you get to the custom recovery screen.

8. Select Wipe from the menu, then select Apply

9. Once it is done, select Reboot and you are all set!

Reported Issue:

Issue: I can’t find Format Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap.

Solution: This means you are using Amon Ras latest recovery image, he has put this option under Partition > Partition SD > then it asks you what values you want for the different partitions. Here are the standard values, but feel free to change them according to what the ROM you wish to use recommends.

LinuxSwap – 32MBs
Ext2 – 512Mbs
Fat32 – Remainder

  • jjankowski76

    Could you please reply to the post listed below from Derick. I want to root my phone but I think I may have the same issue as him. Before I do so I would like to make sure it can be done on my Sprint HTC Hero phone. Also my Hero doesn’t look like yours, is this an issue or just a different design?

    Derek says:
    February 24, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Hi Unlockr,
    First up, my props to you for your amazing work. I’m reading everything i can here twice so i make sure i do this correctly. However, I have a Sprint HTC Hero and when i enter recovery mode [home + pwr button] I do NOT see the screen with the various options as shown in the video. It is a screen with a white background, little green android guys across the bottom and a couple of options, one of which is something to the effect of erase user data. That spooked me a tad so i tried to turn it off and the power button would not allow it to do so. I ended up having to pull the battery. When i put it back in, it seem dead “dead”, no lights, nada. I pulled the battery and waited longer, stuck it back in and luckily it powered back up.
    Per your Oct 11, ’09 post:
    “TheUnlockr Says: October 11th, 2009 at 1:00 pm
    Hello Ghecko,
    NO. There is no rooting method for the Sprint Hero yet.
    If someone wants to let me borrow one we could work on it…”

    By that post, I understand there is no root access for the Sprint Hero yet and that explains why Titanium backup is giving me the message it is. [Although that confuses me being as there is a link: “How To: Root Your Sprint Hero in One Click! | The Unlockr”. Maybe that URL is from a later date and there is now rooting for Sprint HTC Hero?
    That being said, and being a premium Modaco member, i don’t think i can load a modaco ROM [custom or otherwise] UNLESS i can have those options from recovery mode to apply, no? Sorry for being so verbose, but I guess my real question is why my recovery mode screen is not what I see in the video i.e. with the options in green text?

    Many thanks,

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  • Fahad Raza

    I am getting Error screen when i press home+power button on startup..
    I am running firmware 1.5
    Kindly help. Thanks

  • john

    hi, ive installed the froyd rom and everything seems fine except for my sync. i cannot sync with the pc programme. when plugging my usb into my hero the only option i get is for using it as a storage device via the usb. no sign of the sync option. any ideas what gone wrong?

  • sam

    my phone wont go into the custom recovery when holding the power and home buttons, i have the hero for sprint does that make a differece?

  • Mex


    Whatever I do, I can’t boot to the the custom recovery screen. It just goes to a pic of the phone on it’s side under a large explanation mark. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix this?


    • Razvan

      did u manage to fix it? got the same problem now

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  • jonathan

    i did everything exactly what the video did but the htc boot up screen just stays there help ?

  • Eugene

    Hello Unlockr,

    I recently began the rooting process for my buddies Sprint HTC Hero. The phone was handed down to him, so neither he nor I know if the phone was rooted beforehand or not. Either way, when I got the phone, it was on firmware 1.5. I finished rooting the phone from the instructions on this site, and when I attempted to restart the phone by holding the home and power keys, I don’t go into Amon Ra’s recovery image, but another screen. This screen simply asks me if I wish to clear data or not. Nothing about flashing or wiping that Im used to. Im pretty sure that I properly flashed the recovery image in the Flashrec program. Any ideas as to what I am loading up when I restart my phone, or how to get to the Amon RA recovery image?

    Thanks for any help

    • That means the recovery image wasn’t flashed. Try it again.

      • Eugene

        I reflashed Amon Ras recovery image, and it still isnt booting. When I restart by holding the Home and Power button, another image is opening instead of Aman Ra’s.
        Here is what I see on this image.

        HERO XC
        HBOOT-1.41.0000 (HERO20000)
        TOUCH PANEL-SYN0104
        Sep 1 2009, 19:18:45

        And then it justs asks me if I wish to clear all user data.

        How do I delete this image? Or is there another way to access Aman Ra’s image instead of this one?

        Like I said before, this is not my phone, I am rooting for a friend who was handed down this phone as well so he doesn’t know what the previous owner did with it

  • Robert

    I get this,

    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

    –Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    My cell is Rooted and on my sd card I have The Update zip file

    So why isn’t it working? PLZ someone help me.

    I have never been able to load a custom rom on my sprint htc hero 🙁

    • Westjerk

      i got this too. SOMEONE HELP

    • Westjerk

      i got this too. SOMEONE HELP

  • Marquinho731

    my phone got stuck on the Htc white screen, whats’s wrong?

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  • SuperDave

    i have a sprint htc hero and i got all the way up to where i copy the files on my sd card and open threw file manager and installed the recovery flash but when i push Back up Recover button on recovery flash i get Backup FAILED: Could not run command thats as far as i can get. any help? 🙁

  • SuperDave

    i have a sprint htc hero and i got all the way up to where i copy the files on my sd card and open threw file manager and installed the recovery flash but when i push Back up Recover button on recovery flash i get Backup FAILED: Could not run command thats as far as i can get. any help? 🙁

  • Anonymous

    will this work on a canadian Telus Hero? with 2.1?

  • Demanmorris

    one problem save the custom rom and kernal to the root of the sd card don’t unzip the files go to install zip from from sd card then enjoy the custom. Rfom a

    • Demanmorris

      I mean enjoy the rom and kernal

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  • AlexanDer

    Rooted and installed MoDaCo’s ROM .. But when i turn the phone on it passes the HERO screen then gets to an HTC screen and kinda freezes there then it automatically goes back to the HERO screen .. and same thing over and over… Can anyone please tell me whats the problem?