How To: Load a Custom ROM on Your HTC Hero

1. Download a ROM from to your computer. Or check our Downloads section and click on Android then ROMs and use the search bar at the top and type in “Hero ROMs”. *IF YOU HAVE A SPRINT HERO MAKE SURE THE ROM YOU WANT IS COMPATIBLE FOR THE SPRINT HERO!

2. Plug in your phone and pull down the Notification bar when the SD notification pops up.

3. Click on the notification and select Mount.

4. Once the SD card is on your computer screen, copy the ROM from your computer to your SD card (make sure NOT to put it in any folders on the SD card, just on the SD card by itself).

5. Once it is done copying, rename it on your SD card to update (in windows it should just need to be renamed update and you should still see the Zip folder icon to the left of the file to indicate that it is still

6. Unplug your phone and turn it off.

7. Turn the phone on by holding down Home and Power till you get to the custom recovery screen.

8. Select Wipe from the menu, then select Apply

9. Once it is done, select Reboot and you are all set!

Reported Issue:

Issue: I can’t find Format Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap.

Solution: This means you are using Amon Ras latest recovery image, he has put this option under Partition > Partition SD > then it asks you what values you want for the different partitions. Here are the standard values, but feel free to change them according to what the ROM you wish to use recommends.

LinuxSwap – 32MBs
Ext2 – 512Mbs
Fat32 – Remainder

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