TheUnlockr’s Alternative to a MiFi, Read Before You Get a MiFi

So I went into a Sprint and a Verizon store today and asked them about the MiFi, after they told me about it I got to thinking… trouble I know… but here’s what I came up with.

A Sprint or Verizon MiFi will cost you the same up front, have the same monthly cost, and have the same 5GB cap on usage.
So my only issue with this is the price per month and the data cap (mainly the data cap, 5GBs? I’d use that in a day… I have a disease, I think.).

So I found out that you can get an unlimited data only plan on a phone with Verizon for $49.99. Sprint doesn’t have such a thing, but their lowest plan with unlimited data is the $69.99 450 Everything Data Plan.

So then I looked around the store to find their cheapest smartphone with Wifi (already know where I’m going with this? 🙂 )
I find the cheapest smartphone with Wifi at Verizon is the Samsung Omnia, which costs  $49.99 upfront (w/ 2 year contract) and the cheapest smartphone with Wifi at Sprint is the Blackberry Curve 8350, which costs $99.99 after $100 Mailin Rebate (w/ 2 year contract).

Now, what if I just put a Wifi Tethering app on either of those phones? I could use the phones 3G connection and share it with up to 10 people connecting to the phone (instead of 5 with the MiFi) with Wifi by using the Wifi Tethering app to produce a Wifi network from the phone. Pretty much would do the exact same thing as the Mifi, but without the data cap (and in Verizon’s case, save me $10/month).

So let’s use a table to recap, shall we?

Traditional Mifi
Company Upfront Cost Price Per Month Usage Cap
Sprint $99.99 $59.99 5GB
Verizon $99.99 $59.99 5GB
TheUnlockr’s Mifi Alternative
Company Upfront Cost Price Per Month Usage Cap
Sprint $99.99 (After $100 MailIn) $69.99 Unlimited (plus Unlimited Texting)
Verizon $49.99 $49.99 Unlimited

So instead of getting a MiFi from either company, you could just buy their cheapest Windows Mobile phone with WiFi, get a data only plan, load a Wifi Tethering program, and get an UNLIMITED MiFi-like device.

Want to know how to turn the Windows Mobile phone into a MiFi with a Wifi Tethering program?
Check out our How To Turn Your Windows Mobile Phone into a WiFi HotSpot procedure.

Don’t care about Verizon or Sprint? Want to use your own carrier instead? No problem, just find the How To Root (Necessary for Android only), How To Load a Custom ROM, and the Wifi Tethering App procedures for your phone on our site and do them in that order and you are all set!

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