Spy Shots: What New HTC Android Phone is This? (HTC Dragon?)

Ok so a ninja brought us some very interesting photos. They show us an HTC phone (you can see the HTC logo at the top) with a larger screen and high resolution (you can tell by the size of the Android in the center) running Android on it…

Could this be the HTC Dragon we have heard about? The Dragon I believe will be the Android equivalent of the Touch HD2 (same hardware mostly and just Android instead of Windows Mobile). You can also see the trackball at the bottom of the phone which could be easily added by HTC to the HD2 to give the Dragon a better way to scroll.

EDIT: By the way, I blacked out the photo. Where it says Welcome to …. It doesn’t say the name of the phone it has a number that I’m told is used to determine who this phone was loaned to so for obvious reasons that got blocked, not too mention wouldn’t help us figure out the phone. And then I blocked out the time, just to be extra safe our ninja can’t be traced back to.

So what do you guys think? What phone is this?

EDIT: I forgot to point it out, but Scott is right. It’s definitely a GSM phone judging by the “3G” mark in the title bar.

Ok, so apparently the 3G is now a symbol used by some Verizon phones too, so scratch that that indicates GSM.


  • Operative5639

    o_O hmmm……., -.- of course ……….. I have no idea. lol but my guess is dragon. Damn black censor bar lol. i wanna know cuz i want it. looks sexy

  • iScott78

    I hope it isn’t the Dragon. I don’t really like the looks of it, from what we can see. I personally like the looks of the HTC HD2. Just my opinion though….

  • methodz

    iScott i completely agree with you. The body of the hd2 is pure SEX!!! android in that shell would be enough for me to think twice about the x3

  • Acid

    its the htc dragon fo sho!!!!!!!

  • jon stanley

    why did the ninja black out the time and the other part? haha not a very good ninja -_-

    • Hello Jon,

      No the Ninja was great. I blacked out the time and name. The name actually doesnt say the name of the phone model it is a number used to identify who the phone was lent to and I blacked out the time as a precaution so they couldn’t trace it back to when he/she had the phone in their possession (call it paranoid, but better safe than sorry).

  • iScott78

    Even though I don’t like the design, I do think that it is the HD2 for T-Mobile. One reason I think it is because it says 3G, not 1XEV like CDMA phones do. With T-Mobile having that Project Dark promo coming up, they are supposed to have a new cell plan and it looks like some new phones. I think that is what it is for. Just my opinion though…..

  • bobby joe joe

    it looks crappy enough to be a verizon…

  • PeDe

    well if it has the same specs as touch hd2, 5mp cam with flash, 1ghz snapdragon, 4.3in lcd screen, trackball, search button, plenty of internal memory and it’s a gsm fone, im hoping this comes 1q 2010 for tmobile cuz i just found my dream android fone with eclair please =]

  • kicleun

    Am I the only one that sees the resemblance of the buttons on this HTC to the MotoDROID?

  • Y314K

    TheUnlockr: Did the good Samaritan Ninja give u the name of the phone + other info but you can’t share it????

    Kicleum: Saw it too… Wonder if it’s a requirement from google for Eclair 2.0 phones to have that chin???

    This definitely looks like a beta HTC Dragon phone… I will post my thoughts about it shortly…

    • Hello Y314k,

      Nope, he/she doesn’t know what it is and doesn’t have the device anymore so we can’t have him/her go take a look in the bootloader 🙁
      I’m willing to bet its an HTC Dragon though just based on timing, screen size, HTC logo, etc.

  • Y314K

    Let me start by saying that my next phone will have Android + HTC w/Rosie(Sense) + SnapDragon & I would prefer it on T-Mobile w/ ProjectDark (waiting to find the right phone before kicking ATT to the curb)…

    This seems to be a beta of my next phone… The size of the screen screams HTC Dragon or HTC HD-Android… Still trying to figure out if the screen size is the same as the HD2… The HD2 seems much more squareish… Although cause of the trackball chin requirement, it just looks to be a HD2 screen stuck on top of the trackball chin panel… And unless that trackball chin panel has a physical keyboard… It seems to be a waste of a panel… From the back pic… I don’t think it has a physical keyboard… I really hope they refine it cause it looks out of place… Wish they would put the trackball on the screen panel it self unless it does have a keyboard…

    The HTC hero had the trackball and chin just right as part of the phone… I don’t understand both the Moto’s Droid & this phones purpose of the extra panel under the screen basically uglying the phone… At least with the Moto Droid it has a keyboard… If this one doesn’t have a keyboard, it will suck, although I will still have to get the phone, but it will be a step back on HTC’s great designs…

    For those of you that don’t like it as shown… Just wait till the final design… Remember, back when HTC Hero leak pics came out… it was hideous…



    But the end product was one of the best award winning designs of ’09…


    So I really hope HTC repeats that feat… Seems to be wasting a lot of space on that panel the way the trackball is just sitting alone on the chin… Can anybody see the possibility of a keyboard from the back pic… If it does have one… It would be crazy thin…

    TheUnlockr: Please check with Ninja if this device include a physical keyboard please… Thanks for the great info…

    • Hello Y314K,

      It definitely does not have a physical keyboard (another reason why we think it is the Dragon).

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  • xStevenBradleyx

    Not to sure about these photos. The phone had the Moto sholes/Droid button yet is branded by HTC, the back cover is on the table with the camera lens?

    • Hello xStevenBradleyx,

      Definitely not the Moto Droid, but where do you see the back cover?

  • @TheUnlockr I think Jon Stanley is talking about the band on the back cover. There is a set of symbols under the Android.

    • Hello John,

      Oh, ok. I’m pretty sure those symbols say “Google” and that Android on the back indicates a Developer phone usually (like the Developer Dream a while back, same Android).

  • Y314K

    John: When u zoom into the 2nd pic… It just says Google, maybe on a different odd font but you can easily make out Google…

    xStevenBradleyx: The back picture is from a higher angle since Ninja didn’t have to focus on the screen… It is the full phone laying on it’s back… The screen is smaller then the back so it looks odd… But it’s the full phone, camera and all… Not just the back shell…

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