A Ton Of Tips and Tricks for the HTC HD2


Wanted to share this with any of our HD2 users (or soon to be users), TBoy2000 over at XDA-Developers has compiled a great list of tweaks to enable things like N Wireless, Thumbnails when selecting back in Opera, enabling 5MP instead of 4MP Widescreen, and a whole bunch more.

Instead of reposting them here, take a look for yourself at his post:

HTC HD2 Tips and Tricks

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  • frank j

    Will there ever be a way to flash android on to the hd2? i’m new to this stuff so please excuse me if that’s a really dumb question lol.

  • Jason

    I heard rumors of this unit coming to Tmo, I wonder if Tmo will cripple this by disabling some features such as the router feature, I am really tempted of buying the Euro version but im opting for the Tmo version since it will be 3g compatible with the frequencies here. Im only concerned about Tmo crippling it.

  • You would not believe how long ive been searching for something like this. Scrolled through 9 pages of Yahoo results couldnt find diddly squat. One search on Bing. There you are!…. Really gotta start using that more often

  • alvaro cuevas

    yeah… im new also but would really like to know if theres a way to get android os on my wm6 hd2…please let me know