Huge Leak of HTC’s 2010 Line Up!

So the motherload of leaks has been opened. The poster on XDA has decided to share with the world 8 new HTC devices that are to come out within quarters 1 and 2 of 2010.

From what I understand, someone got their hands on a brochure from an event where HTC presents their new devices to a manufacturer for them to look at and hopefully bid on picking up different devices (hence why in some images you will see TMobiles name, it does NOT mean that T-Mobile is getting the devices necessarily, just that this was T-Mobile’s brochure to take home).

His English isn’t the best but from what it seems he is saying that HTC will categorize their new phones into 4 categories:

  • Design/LifeStyle –
  • Social –
  • Performance –
  • Productivity

Within these categories there are a few phones each (some Windows Mobile and some Android):

I. Design/LifeStyle

A. Legend (Android)
B. Salsa (Android)

II. Social

A. Tide (Android)
B. Buzz (Android)

III. Performance

A. Bravo (Android)

IV. Productivity

A. Photon (Windows Mobile 6.5)
B. Trophy (Windows Mobile 6.5)
C. Tera  (Windows Mobile 6.5)

He then even goes as far as to post some pictures and specs sheets for each phone, I’ll go through them, real quick. Keep in mind that these are HTC’s codenames so the name of the device can change when and if it comes to the States (aka the Bravo could be the Dragon/Passion or even PassionC when it comes to a CDMA network, ehem):

I. “Legend”

HTC Legend Specs

Very slim Android device that resembles the Hero (this could be the Hero sequel we’ve heard about?).  Here’s the specs he shows:

  • 3.2 inch HVGA AMOLED Capacitive screen
  • 5.0MP with flash
  • 256MB RAM
  • 600Mhz Processor
  • GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack
  • AND an OPTICAL MOUSE instead of a trackball…

II. “Salsa”

HTC Salsa Specs

This is a Dash shaped Android device, has a smart QWERTY keyboard underneath the touch screen. Heres the specs:

  • 2.6 inch QVGA touchscreen
  • 3.2MP Camera
  • 256MB RAM
  • 528Mhz Processor
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack

III. “Tide”

HTC Tide Specs

The Tide is an Android touchscreen candybar phone with a regular 9 digit keypad. It comes preloaded with all the networking sites software (hence being under the Social category). Specs:

  • 2.68 inch QVGA touchscreen
  • 3.2MP camera
  • 256MBs of RAM
  • 528mhz Processor
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS
  • 3.5mm Jack

IV. “Buzz”

HTC Buzz Specs

This is another Android social phone like the Tide but full touchscreen. Specs:

  • 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen
  • 5.0MP camera with flash
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 528mhz processor
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack

V. “Bravo”

HTC Bravo Specs

So this is the HTC Passion/Dragon we’ve been hearing about. And I know your going to scream “Its the Bravo, everyone is so wrong saying the Dragon/Passion” and well we’re not wrong, yet…

This phone definitely looks like the phone we had pictured a while back that I said was DEFINITELY called the Passion and it just might still be. As with almost all HTC phones, HTC calls them one thing and then gives them different names as they goto different markets and carriers. So Bravo for HTC could still very well be called the Passion on Verizon and Dragon on T-Mobile or any combination of other names, so just because it is called Bravo on the HTC spec sheet does NOT mean it is not still coming as the Passion or some other name here in the US.

ALSO, the Passion MIGHT be the GooglePhone we have heard rumors of as well (wouldn’t be on this list since even though it will most likely be made by HTC it will be licensed to Google and produced as a Google manufactured phone). Just so we are all aware 🙂 AND AGAIN SPECULATION, BUT JUST WANTED TO LET PEOPLE KNOW THAT THIS DOES NOT DISCOUNT ANY OTHER RUMORS AT THIS POINT SO RELAX!

Anyway, on to the phone of your Android dreams lol

If you have been following the stories on the Passion/Dragon you’ll already be aware that the rumor was that it would be an HD2 with Android for the most part and according to this guy at XDA and the spec sheets he provided, that is pretty damn close to what it will be. I’ll shut up and show you the specs now:

  • 3.7 inch capacitive touchscreen
  • 5.0MP camera with flash and 720p HD Video recording
  • 256Mbs of RAM
  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm Headphone jack

VI. “Photon”

HTC Photon Specs

The Photon begins the Productivity category, which seems to be HTCs way of saying Windows Mobile 6.5.

  • 3.2 inch HVGA Capacitive touchscreen
  • 5MP camera
  • 256Mbs of RAm
  • 600mhz Processor
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack

VII. “Trophy”

HTC Trophy Specs

Snap/Dash style Windows Mobile 6.5 device.

  • 3.0 inch capacitive touchscreen
  • 5.0MP camera
  • 256Mb of RAM
  • 600mhz Processor
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS
  • 1400mah battery
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack

VIII. “Tera”

HTC Tera Specs

Tera seems way too similar to the Touch Pro2 by the way, but here are the specs:

  • 3.0 Touchscreen
  • 3.2MP camera
  • 256Mbs of RAM
  • 600mhz Processor
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS
  • Slide out tilting QWERTY keyboard

Enjoy! Discuss!

Here is the original post on XDA-Developers:


THANKS Wonderbread!

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  • Manny

    Its true . The Google Phone MIGHT still release in Mid of January 2010. I really hope so. So this could be the Passion or Dragon

  • wonderbread57

    I wonder though, your Passion pics have soft buttons that look like the DROID’s. The Bravo has hard buttons that look like the HD2’s. Maybe Bravo and Passion/PassionC are actually different phones..

  • Dhill

    Well this seems to be a list of 2010 Q1/Q2 Euro phones. Not a 2009 USA phone.

    Google phone or not, the name passion was in a sense ui rom (twice, passion/passionc) so I don’t care what it is as long as it comes out soon, has sense ui, and comes out real soon with 3.7+ inch screen (let is be 4.3″!)

  • Dhill

    I completely agree wonderbreak57. No matter what that poster said, the bravo doesn’t seem to share any similarities to the previous pic we saw which most definitely had verizon style soft keys and a run of the mill track ball (not an optical whatever the bravo has).

  • bfischer

    The Rom list showed Passion and PassionC.
    If the C designates CDMA then that suggests the same phone will be for made for GSM and CDMA? If so, why are they using the same name since they would be from different carriers?

    Maybe it is the Google Phone and available for both GSM and CDMA?

    • Bfischer,

      Sometimes phones come out with the same name on different carriers (although Im not saying your wrong, it very well could be the Google phone on both networks). Even though it is very rare, don’t rule out that it might just be a device picked up by two carriers with the same name.

  • dave

    looking forward to everyone’s analysis. It looks like no more verizon-droid-love until at least April? If so, well, that changes things….

  • Y314K

    Great leak.. Although from looking at the bands…

    This seem to be for T-Mobile Europe which doesn’t get clone to T-Movile US..

    Non of them say UMTS 1700/2100 band… So although it’s great to see what will be available in Europe next yet… It wouldn’t include the gPhone in it, since GVoice is not a European thing right now…

    • Y314k,

      These are all unbranded so they will have Euro bands as that is where HTC sells their unbranded devices, but that is not to say that these wont be coming to the US. That is how the industry works, phones are almost always made as unbranded unlocked devices by the manufacturers first and then the carriers say (in a nutshell) we’ll take that one, make us 300,000 and brand it with out name on it, convert it to CDMA (if necessary), load our software on it, change the styling a bit and give it a different name.
      So in a leak like this, you will never see 1700mhz because if you did that would mean T-Mobile had already picked it up and it would be old news by then most likely, this list is BEFORE T-Mobile or whoever picked these up, but we already know that T-Mobile and some other US carriers DID pick up at least some of these since we have other codenames that are not listed here that are found in that ROM that leaked. I.e. Passion, PassionC, etc. Those sound to me like a branded Bravo, one for GSM (T-Mobile,Vodafone, Rogers, AT&T, etc.) and one for CDMA (Sprint or Verizon).

  • wonderbread57

    Dhill, yeah I agree they all look Euro. Not one CDMA spec’d phone mentioned. Since it’s pretty safe to assume that at least Sprint or VZW will get an HTC phone of some sort before the 2nd half of 2010 I think we can also assume that this list does not address U.S. phones and so the juicy details of those releases are still to be seen.

    • Wonderbread57 and those concerned about CDMA phones,

      These are all unbranded devices listed here because this came from an event where HTC presents their devices to carriers for them to decide which they like and want to pick up.
      What normally happens is if say Verizon was present they would look at say the Bravo and go “We likey!” and then HTC would take their order for 300,000 (or whatever number) and make the Bravo as a CDMA phone with whatever slight changes Verizon requested (put our logo on it, load this software, round it more, and give it a different name so it is differentiated from the other device) and bam you’d have a CDMA Bravo (which would have a different name, like perhaps the PassionC or just Passion to us, the consumers).

      So you can definitely look at this list as a CDMA user and still be slightly excited in anticipation of your company picking some up too 🙂

  • Y314K

    Wait.. Got that wrong I Disregard…lol

  • jessica

    most def getting my hands on that bravo (or whatever its gonna be called) that is if Tmobile is gonna be carrying it.. i hope soo..

  • Y314K

    wonderbread57: CDMA wouldn’t not be mention on any of this list since it was a presentation for TMovile only… I don’t expect the Verizon or Sprint presentation to include any info on HSPA phones…

  • anon

    I don’t get it. These phones still have very limited RAM.

  • StephenSaurusRex

    So this leak may not weigh heavily on any CDMA/HTC/Android phone. Well, while I’m glad to hear there is still hope, I guess this also means another day w/out news on a USA Passion/Dragon phone… 🙁

  • Y314K

    Anon: Yeap… But till they add app on the memory card support to Android seems we are stuck this way… They don’t seem willing to make 8GB, 16GB or 32GB devices…


    Seems this is the TMobile Euro presentation from HTC… In Vienna from Oct. 09…

    I don’t think the GPhone was in there… And that phone should be better then the Bravo…

    I am still lost in the ? whether the GPhone/Passion/Dragon/Bravo are the same or different phone’s… This leak doesn’t help in that… But it’s great to actually see what a device looks like…

  • Y314K

    By the way.. Bravo to HTC for moving on to WVGA AMOLED screens for their top of the line devices… Can’t say how happy that makes me… Crisp and kicking displays..

  • brick4byrd

    I didnt read much about spec but do any of these phones going to come out with video calls?

  • brick4byrd

    How come We not up to date with Video calls like some foreign country??

  • Y314K

    brick4byrd: Probably cause our networks would melt… Imagine ATT’s network with vid calls… The horror, the horror…

    Probably once LTE or WiMax 4G or White Space tech gets off the ground that might happen..

    By the way…

    I think as of the info right now… This is the breakdown of HTC devices…

    GPhone = Passion (TMobile) & PassionC (Verizon) – Should have same or even better specs then the HTC Bravo…

    HTC Dragon = HTC Bravo

    That’s my best guess right now from what B3ler3fonte posted at XDA…

    “Some were claiming that specific’s device name was the “HTC Dragon (Zoom 2)”, the ancestor of Leo loaded with the forthcoming Android 2.0 OS, hoaxing as well, the one and only picture available, regarding the what was called “HTC Dragon”. I started participating on that discussion, giving the 1st valid nfo about that device, that the named was faulty rumored with that name, but instead it would be called as “HTC Bravo”. ”

    “Bravo (NOT Passion and/or Dragon)”

    If the Passion = GPhone then he wouldn’t know much about it since it will probably come to the US first before any other market…

  • Y314K

    Now I got to revise my breakdown after reading this…

    Seem the Sense UI is what caused the delay…

    HTC Dragon = HTC Passion (TMobile) = HTC PassionC (Verizon) = HTC Bravo (TMobile UK/ERO)

    GPhone = UnKnown…

    • Y314K,

      Thanks for the links! I’m gonna check them out shortly.

      That is exactly what I thought might happen in this post 🙂
      HTC changes names alot guys, don’t rule anything out based on the name.

      One other thing I’d like to point out is that it definitely looks like the phone we had pictures of a while ago that everyone was trying to tell us was a Droid Eris psssh 🙂

  • 2007 is calling

    Guess we will stick with droids and n900’s. HTC must have warehouses full of this old hardware they need to get rid of.

    So much for innovation, hope the iphone 4g is boring also or I am going to have all these ifanboys in my ass.

  • dave

    well, maybe now that we’re passed the 30 day mark of the droid release we’ll hear something? Either way I guess we get a bit of our answer today or certainly this week, be it some passion release rumors or no info at all… does seem very unlikely that its out in 09 now… but boy there sure were a lot of “people who know people” who were sure about it coming out…

  • dave
  • dave

    3.5″ screen…. hmmmm. Well, a tiny bit of luster is lost…

  • G Zoe

    Wow. These line-Ups have limited RAM. I minds well stickwith my G1(which gets slower everyday). The cell phone industry wants to continue failing to the iPhone. Add better processors, slide out boards and style, we won’t have to mimic the iPhone. No more iPhone “Failures” and “wannabe’s”.


    Verizon’s Droid pooped on all T-Mobile phones LOL.

  • aooga

    I just want an HD2 release date. This info is great and all but who cares about 13 months from now.

  • Meia
  • Christopher

    and yet not one single phone says it is 1700 for T-Mo U.S.A….so….for all of us on T-Mo 3G (soon to be the fastest in the country) not one single one of these phones will work…go figure…

    • Christopher,

      Please read the comment I left a bit above… all phones start out as Euro phones with Euro frequencies then T-Mobile or whoever decides on the ones they like and order 300,000 from HTC and have HTC put 1700mhz in them (plus brand them etc) so just because there is no 1700 doesnt mean T-Mobile wont get it. Just like the fact that these are all GSM but it doesnt mean the Verizon or Sprint might now pick them up and have HTC make a CDMA version 🙂 Dont lose hope! lol

  • Y314K


    “Communication network” HTC Android pick next year, when the comrade –
    2009/12/08 07:55 2009/12/08 07:55 Times News

    【Times – Taipei, electric】 HTC (2498) exposure of new products in the first half of next year. According to the European top three telecom service provider T-Mobile Germany streams out data show that for the European market, HTC plans to launch the first half of next year, eight new products, including Microsoft operating systems accounted for only 3, the rest are used Android platform, the latest machines Huang also be replaced by Microsoft’s operating system Android platform, the first half of the new phones will be off the peak of the next 4,5 months, the majority of new products and have obtained T-Mobile purchase orders.

    HTC Q4 last year, the company’s most important customers in Europe, T-Mobile, for presentation of new products in the first half of next year, according to presentation content, HTC plans to roughly half of next year’s product line is divided into design, social network, performance and productivity of the four items, a total of 8 new products.

    Legend。 Vanguard of the new products next year, is code-named Legend (Legend) in Android phones. It is understood that, Legend for the second half of the top-selling follow-up hero machine models, the screen will be upgraded to the AMOLED, CPU clock is increased to 600MHz, that’s what HTC plans to next year’s show the world’s largest mobile communications focus of MWC display products.

    In addition, expected in January next year, the first in the U.S. market 1GHz of Android phones Passion, HTC also plans to put on in April next year, HTC Sense of the man-machine interface to the name Bravo by T-Mobile in Europe. (News source: Business Times ─ Wu Xiaowen / Taipei) ”


    From Marcuz… Good guy to get translated stuff from Taiwan… HTC’s home turf…

    • Y314K,

      Nice find my man! I’ll check it out and do some research.

  • Y314K

    Dave: Most of use believe that DigiTimes got the size of the screen wrong… Passion should be a 3.7″ OMLED..

    I just don’t know if that is the GPhone or not…lol

  • Meyer77

    Checkout the Bravo/Passion update @ Engadget.

    Look like its a go for January….

  • dave

    ok so whats the scoop now, engadget is reporting that the passion (same as bravo) is being released in January. Verizon? Tmo? both?

    • Dave,

      From what I read and found out it looks like the Bravo (HTCs name) will be released in the US Market (no carrier confirmed yet) as the Passion and it will also be released in Europe (not the US) as the HTC Bravo on T-Mobile UK in April.

  • Biggles

    Sounds like T-Mobile early and Verizon late, both January. I’m loving the specs! I’m ready to pick this up the day it’s released on Verizon.

  • dhill

    Biggles, where did you read about “Verison late”?

    I think the real question is why all these leaks about verizon a month+ ago are still quiet?

  • Noel

    These phone manufacturers are definately making it harder for one to decide on which phone to get..tons of smart phones coming out in 2010. But i know 4 sure i’ll own the Htc Bravo/Passion/Dragon or the GPhone what ever the name end up to be. But i can’t seem to loose sight of the Nokia N900. So it seems i’ll hv two smart phones and just inter change them depending on my choices galore

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