T-Mobile says HSDPA 7.2Mbps Upgrade is Complete

So if you are unfamiliar with T-Mobile’s plans for their data network, they came out with 3G really late in the game, but decided that they would play catch up as quickly as possible and hopefully pass the other carriers in terms of speed; going from 3.2Mbps, to 7.2Mbps, then finally to 21Mbps 3G by mid 2010.

Well, they have officially announced that they are moving along on schedule. They have just completed upgrading their entire network to 3.5G (aka HSDPA 7.2mbps) which would mean they just passed AT&T in terms of network speed (AT&T is still in the process of upgrading their entire network to 7.2Mbps). Now, granted T-Mobile has a slightly smaller network than AT&T but still it shows some initiative and shows that they are playing catch up nicely.

So 21Mbps HDPA+? Where for art thou?

Anyone notice any speed increases with their phones on T-Mobile yet?

  • remixfa

    correct me if i am wrong, engineer, but didnt nokia just finish the VoiP problem for LTE?


    Besides, all that i have read and understood so far is that the first LTE phones, which are slated for launch shortly if things go right, are going to be LTE for the data side and CDMA for the voice side, until they can wane off the legacy CDMA network sometime down the road. Pretty much the same thing they did with the analog network a few years ago.

    Here in Jacksonville,FL, there isnt a speed increase so far.. at least on the west side of town ;(

  • Engineer

    I saw an article like this about VOLGA on an lab LTE network in Europe. The technology is on its way, but may not be just around the corner. The connection reliability for VoIP seems to be the main challenge to meet consumer expectations. I suspect the first LTE devices will likely be data only until the transitions between networks becomes seamless. I don’t work in product development so it is purely my opinion.

  • Jeff

    Did do a speed test (extreme labs) and with 2 bars my Max DL was 384kbs, Would LOVE to see my phone shoot to 7+. I do live in Utah, and we were one of the last places to receive 3g (about 4 months ago) so possible that upgrade is not truly complete with T-Mob. 3bars test gave me 700kbs (698) and I am inside my apt, but next to the window so it runs good. 4bars (outside) resulted in only 398.3kbs (weird)… So seems to average 500kbs. Which is fine, just to make sure it was not my phone I went wifi and it ran at 4038.6 max (Comcast) Running MyTouch w/root Ahman Rah Recov w/1.6.3 Donut ROM released on 1/8/2010. Love the website man, thanks for helping me take the worry out of the root process. I work for Verizon Wireless (Cust Care) so if you need any inside scoop I got that. We just saw the new(er) Palm Pre and its sibling the Palm Pixie.

    • Jeff,

      Not too bad, but definitely not the speed were should expect if they were done with their network upgrade, so hmmm.
      Thanks! Glad to help!
      Nice, ya shoot me an email if you see anything interesting (don’t get in trouble though).
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  • jon

    Speed tests done with both services both on 3G with 2 bars:

    With XtremeLabs Speedtest:
    Download: 1872.4 kbps
    Upload: 162.4 kbps

    With SpeedTest.net:
    Download: 1928 kbps
    Upload: 374 kbps

    alright T-MO!

    • Jon,

      NICE! Thats the first good one we’ve heard! Thats an upgraded 3G for sure 🙂

  • nick

    just did speed test from xtremelabs speedtest with 4 of 5 bars and 3g connection and download was 318.2kbps and upload 195.4kbps upload i wish mine was up to jons speed cause im in vegas a big tmobile city lol ooh well hopefully soon right

  • rydr

    I can tell you I have seen IPhones do speed tests up to 3000 kbps in 2 different places in Florida. 1 was in Fort Lauderdale with speeds ranging between 2100 kbps and 2600 kbps. About 50 miles north in WPB I witnessed 2500 kbps to 3000 kbps. These were both IPhone 3GS. Being a N1 owner on Tmo I could only get up to 980 kbps in WPB and 700 kbps in Fort Lauderdale.

    • Rydr,

      Never seen speeds that high in FL on any iPhone, except on WiFi.

  • Matt

    on mobilespeedtest.com on a 2mb file I can get 3meg down quite frequently on the 3G on WA. 21meg on cell phones I can even imagine.

  • Ok!
    I have a big interference from wireless telephonnes Dect.6.0(1920_1930 MHz) ! in BTS uplink frequencies!(Romania).
    FCC good work for US and Canada …

  • I would add, to be fair, speed for 3G is greatly dependant on your RF environment and your distance to the cell tower.

  • hayden keller

    I noticed the speed increase. A few days ago I was only getting 100kbs speed with 40-100kbs transfer rates. Now I get up to 3.2mb/s with 100-500kbs transfer speeds. Its amazing. Using this on my laptop just replaces a home broadband connection completely.

  • lamont

    x7500 advantage indianapolis ,indiana-downtown never had 3g ever only edge

    • Lamont,

      That will never change. That’s because the x7500 doesn’t have TMobile’s 3G frequencies in it.

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  • lezlee

    Nope. Just drops 3g a lot and h seems slower.