T-Mobile says HSDPA 7.2Mbps Upgrade is Complete

So if you are unfamiliar with T-Mobile’s plans for their data network, they came out with 3G really late in the game, but decided that they would play catch up as quickly as possible and hopefully pass the other carriers in terms of speed; going from 3.2Mbps, to 7.2Mbps, then finally to 21Mbps 3G by mid 2010.

Well, they have officially announced that they are moving along on schedule. They have just completed upgrading their entire network to 3.5G (aka HSDPA 7.2mbps) which would mean they just passed AT&T in terms of network speed (AT&T is still in the process of upgrading their entire network to 7.2Mbps). Now, granted T-Mobile has a slightly smaller network than AT&T but still it shows some initiative and shows that they are playing catch up nicely.

So 21Mbps HDPA+? Where for art thou?

Anyone notice any speed increases with their phones on T-Mobile yet?

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