T-Mobile New Phone Rumor Roundup

Ok so we have all been hearing some rumors about new phones coming to T-Mobile USA, but thanks to our friends over at TmoNews, we have some release dates 🙂

T-Mobile MyTouch “Slide” – May 17th
Zeppelin (Undetermined Motorola Android Phone) – March 10th
HTC HD2 – March
Columbus (Garmin Phone) – May 5th
Something From HTC (but TmoNews seems to be set that it is most likely the MyTouch 1.2, a MyTouch with 3.5m Headphone jack) – February 10th
Something from Dell – End of March

Any T-Mobile users excited?


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  • Heyhihaha

    Yes finally some decent devices iblooking forward to what Dell has in store for tmo

  • JONY

    Yea Exited on the mytouch slide

  • Jmiah

    how does the new mytouch slide looks like?

  • Scott

    No Bravo? I’m disappointed.

  • mitchapalooza

    I remember a wail back I said I heard they was going to make a sidekick touch with android and now that’s what the new my touch slide is going to look like

  • Y314K

    (T-Mobile MyTouch “Slide” – May 17th) – I can’t believe all they are doing is adding a keyboard to a year old phone… Even if they where just adding a keyboard to the Hero.. It would still be to late. From the comments at TMoNews… This suppose to be the highest end HTC Android phone till the next holidays… It might be a good intro into Android phone.. But also lame…

    (Zeppelin (Undetermined Motorola Android Phone) – March 10th) – This should be the Droid Tablet… Not bad… Just old news by then with the Moto Droid… Should be much better then the HTC MyTouch Slide hardware wise…

    (HTC HD2 – March) – WiMo 6.5-7, Blah…

    (Columbus (Garmin Phone) – May 5th) – What ever… Unless it’s the first Tegra 2 dual core device… Not even on my radar..lol

    (Something From HTC (but TmoNews seems to be set that it is most likely the MyTouch 1.2, a MyTouch with 3.5m Headphone jack) – February 10th) – I really hope it’s more of TMobiles version of the HTC Android.. Cause a 3.5 audio jack add-on to a one year old phone that was old tech as soon as the Hero come out will be a non starter even to new Android peeps… I hope TMobile’s is not dumb enough to release 3 version of the same phone for one year straight…

    (Something from Dell – End of March) – I really hope this is the Dell 5 Mini Tablet/Streak… Specially now that the specs are leaking out…




    Android (Hopefully with v2.1 & rootable)
    SnapDrago 1Ghz CPU
    1,530mAh Battery
    5-inch WVGA 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen w/ MultiTouch
    Bluetooth & 3G Modem WAN with SIM slot, user-accessible microSD card slot & internal microSD card

    This will probably be to big for most… But I prefer a huge Web surfing screen to a having it fit on every pocket… This is what I am exited about now since we can’t have a HTC HD2 with Android…

    (Any T-Mobile users excited?) – If TMobile gets the Dell Mini 5, Hell yeah… It’s an awesome table/phone… As much as I like HTC Sense… I’ll take a 5″ MID Android Phone any day of the week…

    • Y314K,

      Ya the Dell tablet with a 5 inch screen and same specs as a Nexus One essentially. Sounds good to me 🙂 I too love bigger screens, have no issue with a 5 inch screen, so long as it fits in my pocket we’re good.
      As for the MyTouch slide, I think it’s just a name (sure hope so lol) and not related to the MyTouch besides the fact it has Android on it. Willing to bet it will definitely have a better hardware setup.

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  • MyTouch 1.2? How about the MyTouch Fender Edition that came out today. It has a 3.5mm jack, but its woodgrain not white or black. Comes with all kinds of classic rock as well.

  • skyler

    they mytouch with a 3.5 mm is already out it was the fender edition of the mytouch

  • remixfa000

    The “Mytouch” is going to stay a Tmobile brand name. They are launching a whole series of “Mytouch” phones. That doesnt mean they are all a variant of the exact same phones with no new hardware. Mytouch is a brand like Ferrari or Nike, not an exact phone like an HTC hero.

    That said, the “Fender Edition” is just a dressed up mytouch 1.2 Yes, they are re-releasing the mytouch with a headphone jack. They arent launching it as a whole new thing. Im pretty sure its going to just be a silent change out of the current line. Its still a pretty popular phone. If you are thinking of getting a mytouch, just wait till the 1.2’s replace the current ones in a few weeks.

    The Mytouch slide wont be the biggest phone of the year, the HTC roadmap that was leaked had much cooler phones on it. Still no word of the bravo or passion though, both i hope launch soon. The N1 is nice, but its too much of a pain in the ass to get. The passion is pretty much the HTC version of the same phone, so ill just get that instead 🙂

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