Top 20 Free Games on the Nokia N900

For all the N900 users out there, here is a list that NokNok put together that I thought you might be interested in. It’s the top 20 free games for the Nokia N900, enjoy.

You can view the first Top 10 Games for the N900 they did a bit ago, here. The newest ten follow:

Tux is the mascot of the Linux community, so it comes as no surprise that he stars in his own range of open-source games. What’s more, this is already the most popular download on the Maemo site. In SuperTux you get to play our star penguin through a serious of platform puzzlers not too dissimilar from the best a certain plumber likes to offer up.

Who said that open-source mascots didn’t have a competitive edge? As in Wormux you get to commit mass murder plain and simple using your favourite free software icons. Very much in the spirit of ‘Worms’ you get to use a host of weapons of mad destruction, including grenades, dynamite and even bazookas!

Was it really back in 1993 that PC gaming changed forever? It certainly was my friend and with PRBoom you can relive every minute of it with Doom for Maemo. This is the original demo levels that got the world hooked in the first place. What’s more, if you have the full-blown PC version you can drop in the WAD files to unlock the whole game – now where’s my boom stick?

While we’re looking at old games, Transport Tycoon Deluxe is at the other end of the spectrum, forcing you to flex brain rather than brawn. OpenTTD puts you in charge of your own transport company and you have 100 years to build an infrastructure that even dear old Mr Beeching would have trouble dismantling. Getting the most from the game can be as a little fiddly but if you’re into sim games it’s well worth the effort.

Crazy Parking
If the roads aren’t frustrating enough at the best of times, with this neat little game you can work through 12 levels of insane parking conundrums all in the hope of getting as close to the shop doors as possible.
Download: Crazy Parking

Not so much a game but perfect for anyone who’s game for a little exercise. This free app allows you to keep track of all your sporting activities, both indoor and outside, courtesy of the Nokia N900 GPS. You can get the most from your workouts by monitoring your speed, distance and heart rate in real time. You can also use the built-in training diary feature to track your progress.

N-Speed v1.2-2
In the future, of course, all games will be in 3D and we’ll wonder how we ever lived with it. N-Speed allows you to glimpse into the future as this racing game delivers a full 3D experience in a futuristic setting. It may not be the most original of games but you’ll find it puts the graphics engine of the Nokia N900 to good use.
DOWNLOAD: N-Speed v1.2-2

The iNES game may not have an instantly recognisable name but if we said to any gamer of a certain age ‘Nintendo NES/Famicom emulator’ a rose-tinted haze would appear to match the anticipation of playing some of those classic old games. After all, iNES will run software written for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Famicom video game consoles.

The Ur-Quan Masters
Fancy getting to grips with a classic old sci-fi game that may be starting to look a little creaky in interface terms but still has a game play more modern games would die for. Simply fly the galaxy meeting aliens, battling them and trying to amass a large fleet to defeat the dastardly Ur-Quan.
DOWNLOAD: The Ur-Quan Masters

Getting three of more jewels in a line may not sound hard but it made a national pastime out of Bejeweled on the PC. Gweled is  an open-source homage to the game and the best to matching the original’s in term of looks, feel and game play. Once you’ve mastered the game you can challenge others as there is also a multiplayer version available, called Battle Gweled.


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  • smithjacksonn

    Nokia is the standard and reliable cell phone brand. I like to play games on my Nokia E71. It provides good graphics and sound results. Thanks to Mr. David Cogen who sharing such a enjoyable information with us.

  • Mrmirza_197

    hellow every 1 any body help me.i dont know how to download games for nokia n900.i get the game need for speed.plz anybody tell me on my mail adress………

    • Freshjive4reel

      pls where did u download ur need for speed please email me @

      • Skr

        enable extra-devel repository in your great n900 apps manager and search nfc under game category