How To: Root the HTC Evo (OLD METHOD)

CHECK OUT OUR NEW EASIER PROCEDURE! – How To Root the HTC Evo 4G (Unrevoked Method)

I. Before You Begin

1. This will wipe all of your data so at least sync your contacts with Google before you begin.

II. Root the Phone

1. Download the rooted ROM:

Rooted ROM

2. Plug your phone in via USB cable and mount the sd card so we can transfer files to it.

3. Do NOT extract the file! Simply copy to the root of the sd card (not in any folders just on the sd card itself).

4. Unplug the phone from the USB cable once it is transferred.

5. Turn off the phone then turn it back on by holding down Volume Down and Power until the white screen comes up.

6. It will find the file and ask you if you want to update, select yes and wait for it to finish. Then select reboot when asked. You are now rooted!

III. (Optional) Load Custom ROMs etc.

1. Head over to our How To Load Custom ROMs procedure to be able to load custom ROMs, etc.

Thanks ToastCFH for the original procedure!

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  • Reggie

    You cant be serious? That easy to root this thing? WOW!

  • slaveofgod

    Reggie did you root your phone yet?

  • Phil

    I completed everything however i am not rooted (maybe). I installed the wifi tether app i was using after i would run unrevoked however after going through the instructions i installed the updated app again and can no longer tether. I have not tried to load a custom rom because the driver would not install automatically. Any words of wisdom unlockr?

    • Phil,

      Just had another user confirm it worked fine on his Evo.
      Do you have the superuser permissions app showing in your applications drawer? If not reflash the ROM to reroot.
      If so then click it first then click on the wifi tether again and see if it works.
      Good luck.

  • Phil

    yeah after thinking about it for a minute i realized that it was the fact i did not have superuser permission. appreciate all (and all everyone in the android community) does. thanks a ton

  • slaveofgod

    I did everything i reflash the ROM to reroot still does not have superuser permission app showing does this mean that this means that my phone is not rooted. I noticed when i was doing the update that the first TP is skipped and the second was BYPASSED. Is it normal unlockr?

  • john

    i also am not getting superuser permissions?? i flashed twice??

  • john

    same exact thing as slaveofgod?

  • MixedMotives

    this is Unlocking NAND Protection right?

    do i need to make a nandroid back up?

  • jtc442


    please help. i know its probably something simple that im doing wrong, but i cant figure it out? i tried to flash it at least 6 or 7 times. it reboots back up, set everything up on it, then you think its rooted until you try to install the tether, and nope. we are heading out of town for fathers day later on today, and would love to be able to tether my laptop, any help is greatly appreciated.

  • jtc442

    can anyone help me out. no matter what i do, i cant get superuser to show up. so its like im not even rooted?

  • jtc442

    i also tried to set up adb. and cant get it to work either. i plug the phone in to the computer, and it searches for files to install it, but will not find anything?