HTC Paradise and HTC Fiesta, Two Unreleased Android Devices Found on Craigslist

So not much to go on here besides the fact that a reader of sent in pictures of two devices he claims he bought on Craigslist as “AT&T Samples”. The two devices, according to are the HTC Paradise and HTC Fiesta, both of which’s names have been seen previously in a leaked UA profile a while back.

The Paradise seems to similar to the HTC Aria with a slide out QWERTY keyboard added.

As for the Fiesta, they say it has a 3.2MP camera so they believe it is a lower end phone. They also say that they reported on the Fiesta almost a year ago and they think it was actually scrapped and won’t be coming to market.

Neither phone has any AT&T branding on them as far as we can see from the pictures, but the person who bought them said they were “AT&T samples” so they are assuming that’s where they are/were headed.

What do you guys make of these?


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