How To: Root the HTC Hero (AndRoot Method)


I. Before You Begin

1. This should be the easiest method to root.

2. This should also work on any HTC Hero. (Please report in the comments if this does/does not work for you with your Hero’s firmware version, build number, and carrier it is locked to)

3. IF YOU HAVE A SPRINT HERO ON VERSION 2.27.651.6 OR HIGHER, please download this RUU and run it with the phone plugged in to downgrade to a rootable version of the phone’s firmware THEN continue with the procedure. (Thanks Ajan for this addition!)

II. Gain Root Access with AndRoot

1. Download AndRoot and save it to your computer.


2. Plug in your phone via USB cable and mount the sd card so we can transfer files to it.

3. Copy the Universal Androot .apk file to the root of the sd card (NOT in any folders, just on the sd card itself).

4. Unplug the phone.

5. Go to the Market on your phone and download Linda File Manager (it’s free, search for Linda).

6. Open Linda and look on the sd card for the Universal Androot .apk file and select it. Follow the prompts to install it.

7. Open Androot and click Root. Wait for it to finish.

8. You now have root access!

9. (Optional) If you want to load custom ROMs then please head to our next procedure; How To Load a Custom ROM.

Reported Issues:

Issue: It says I’m rooted but I don’t see superuser permissions.

Solution: Reboot the phone and it should appear.

  • Joeneurotic

    linda file manager not working

  • Colin

    anyone have a solution to if it says failed and no—fu goo or whatever?
    I really want to root my phone so I can download apps2SD and free up my small phone memory
     which is nearly full…

  • Crashtek

    Could not downgrade my HTC Hero (Alltel)  phone with the RUU.  Get Error 131 Customer ID error.  Where do I get the correct RUU to downgrade?

  • Blasted Twit

    This is crap. It doesn’t work.

  • Louieee

    Fantastic!!!! I needed to root my phone to find the AndroidID – all because I want Android Market to work on my tablet 😀
    Firmware 2.1 – update 1, Build 3.35.771.2, using 3 network

  • Sleepless_nights62

    I open Lind file manager.. go to the apc file.. try to open it and it doesnt give me any options to run it.. what do I do?? lol It jus says “complete action using”….

  • Joneskjose

    wow!it worked i used it on my htc hero tmobile g2 touch
    perfect.moved all apps to sd card

  • Lil Ybug714

    How do I root my HTC hero or any other phone without the use of a computer?

  • Zach Estess

    It worked perfect on my hero and I’m with cspire I’m loving my phone now

  • Frostbiyt

    foes this work for the us cellular version and android version 2.3.4?

  • Kpen425

    It continuously is telling me that it failed.

  • Niniko582

    awesome! worked like magic!