Motorola DROID 3 gets pictured

The next big thing in the Motorola armory, the DROID 3, has been seen hanging out at Howard Forums recently, taking its time to pose for a few snaps in the process.  As evident by the above picture, the major overhaul in the QWERTY keyboard area seems the dedicated numeric keys which in turn gives more space to other non-alphanumeric characters including the Euro (€), Pound (£), and Yen (¥) symbols. The keys also seem a bit more freely spaced with a more round, thinner appearance to the package on the whole.

Looking at the same picture more closely, one can also espy what seems to be an HDMI port right next to the microUSB port.  Not much is known about the device as of now, but this smartphone is destined for a summer release on Verizon, so we might not have to wait long before some solid info pops up.



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