How To Setup Wifi (Wireless Internet)


So maybe you have an Android phone now, but didn’t get the data plan cause you remember someone telling you something about being able to get free internet on the device whenever you’re in something called a “hotspot”. Only problem is, you have no clue what a hotspot is, or how to get internet from one. It’s ok, we can figure this out.

Check out the video above for detailed instructions!

I. What is a Hotspot, and How to Find One

Hotspot’s are locations around town (or in your own house) that have an wireless internet signal available (also called WiFi). Some of these are free (a lot of them nowadays actually) and some are ones you have to pay to use. Some have passwords on them (those not-so-free ones usually, to stop people that didn’t pay from using them) and some are open, or have no password on them.You most likely have a wifi hotspot in your own house. If you use your laptop to connect to the internet in your house without having to plug a cable into it, you’re using wifi. There is a router (a device used to project a wifi signal) somewhere in your house (maybe your internet provider set it up for you) that is projecting this hotspot so you can wirelessly connect. This is exactly the same concept at other places around town, except that yours probably has a password so other’s don’t use it and the ones around town are open to the public.

So besides the one in your house, where can you find public hotspots? Well, they are pretty easy to find actually. Chances are any place in a metropolitan area where people congregate to eat, drink, or just relax during the day is going to have a hotspot. Places like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, some parks in major cities, etc. all have a wifi hotspot available for you to use. The idea is that it’ll bring more people to that place of business to get things done they would normally have to do at home, keep them there longer, and hopefully get them to buy something at some point while their there.

So now that you know what a hotspot, aka wifi, is, how do you connect to it?

II. How To Connect to a Wifi Hotspot

This works very much like how your laptop connects to a wifi hotspot, so if you know how to do that, you’re more than halfway there. In a nutshell, you have to be in the range of the hotspot, have your device search for the hotspot, then select and connect to it. In the video above, we’ll show you exactly how to do just that.

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    hello…I have a htc hero gsm(not sprint) !! it was with android 2.1 and i falow the instruction for get the cyanogen on it!!(done it everythings works cool except one   I HAVE NOW PROBLEM WITH WIFI CONNECTION (i don´t wanna use 3g for maney so..) after scaning put the pass and so on all the steps it WAN´T STAY CONNECTED…say DISABLED…DISCONNECTED AND SO ON!!!!   some sugestions to fix that????
    so i have a 

    hTC HERO GSM   model phone (was upgraded legaly with android 2.1)
    and now after i root it and all installing cyanogenmod it show me
    KERNEL VERSION -notebook#27

    pleace help me i now u cant help me !!! (i love this new version of android except that WIFI problem)!!        (Spain)