How To Flash a Custom Recovery on the T-Mobile G2X

So you’ve rooted your T-Mobile G2X? Ready for the fun stuff now? Well, first up, you have to flash a custom recovery image. A custom recovery image allows us to make backups (something very necessary when messing with your phone), flash custom ROMs, kernels, and tons of other neat stuff. In this procedure, we’ll show you how to flash the recovery so you can get to the fun stuff in the next procedure.

I. Before You Begin.

1. You MUST have done our How To Root the LG G2X procedure. Once done, come back to this procedure and continue.

2. There are other ways to flash a custom recovery (like ROM Manager), but this is the only way right now to guarantee that if the device has an issue you will be able to get to recovery to fix it (unlike ROM Manager which requires you to be able to get the device on in order to get to recovery mode from the ROM Manager menu).

II. Download the Required Files

1. Download the one click recovery flasher/drivers by TGA_Gunnman (and if you like his software please feel free to thank or donate to him).

One Click Recovery Flasher

2. Extract the flasher .rar file somewhere on your computer.

III. Install the NVIDIA Drivers

1. Remove the battery from your device.

2. Hold Volume Up and Volume Down and keep holding them.

3. While the buttons are being held, plug in the phone via USB cable to your computer. You can let go of the buttons once Windows detects a new APX device.

4. On your PC, open Device Manager and you will see APX Device with an ! next to it. Right click it.

5. Select Update Driver Software

6. Select Browse My Computer

7. Select Browse

8. Search for the G2X folder you extracted in Section II then go to the APX folder inside and select it.

9. Install the driver.

10. You should see NVIDIA USB Boot-Recovery Driver for Mobile Device under USB Controllers in the Device Manager main screen on your PC. If so continue, if not, uninstall the driver and try again.

IV. Flash the Recovery Image

1. Remove the battery from your device (if you put it back in).

2. Plug the phone in via USB cable to your computer.

3. Right click OneClickRecoveryFlasher.exe inside the NvFlasher folder inside the file you extracted in section II and select Run As Administrator (if such an option doesn’t exist, just select Open).

4. Once it is done, unplug the device from the USB cable.

5. Now, hold Volume Up and Volume Down (and keep holding them through the next couple of steps).

6. Plug the phone in via USB Cable (with the volume up and volume down still being held).

7. While still holding the volume up and volume down buttons, click on Flash ClockworkMod on your computer.

8. Once it says “S/W Upgrade – Please wait while upgrading…”, you can let go of the volume up and volume down and just wait for it to finish flashing in the command prompt.

9. Once it is done, it’ll say press any key to continue in the command prompt window on the computer. That means it is done, press enter then unplug your device from the computer.

10. Put your battery back in.

11. To boot into recovery mode in the future, simply turn off the phone then turn it back on by holding down Volume Down and Power and keep holding it until you see the word Android in Orange letters.

V. (Optional) Flash a Custom ROM

1. Head to our How To Flash a Custom ROM procedure to begin flashing custom ROMs (like Gingerbread ROMS etc.).

VI. (Optional) Flash Back to Normal Recovery

1. You can follow section IV but click Flash Stock instead of Flash ClockworkMod to get back to a stock recovery image.

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  • Thanks so much for making this video. You guys rock.

  • Lian_aspera

    it didnt detect a new APX device :'(

    • Iphreek

      im having the same problem

  •  Thanks…. This is very simple

  • Mannyg378

    My screen looks a little different then yours. When I run the one click recovery flasher i get that little nvidia window with three boxes. They say, flash clockwork mod internal sd, flash clock work external sd, and flash stock recovery(only flash if returning phone to tmobile). I clicked on the flash clock work external sd and when i boot into recovery to flash from sd card it says no sd card mounted. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Mannyg378

    plus my clock work recovery font is red. its version something like that

  • isaiasjr ojeda

    hi its been like 15 minutes and my screen says “S/W Upgrade please wait while Upgrading”
     please help did i do something wrong??

    • Guy Salazar

      mine’s been doing the same thing.  goes nowhere.  how did you fix?  

  • isaiasjr ojeda

    never mind the problem was me lol!

  • Dihn

    I followed all the instructions but this is what i get…

    please help

    Nvflash started

    rcm version 0X20001

    System Information:

    chip name: unknown

    chip id: 0x20 major: 1 minor: 3

    chip sku: 0xf

    chip uid: —– removed ——–

    macrovision: disabled

    hdcp: enabled

    sbk burned: false

    dk burned: false

    boot device: emmc

    operating mode: 3

    device config strap: 0

    device config fuse: 0

    sdram config strap: 0

    downloading bootloader — load address: 0x108000 entry point: 0x108000

    sending file: fastboot.bin

    / 1024992/1024992 bytes sent

    fastboot.bin sent successfully

    waiting for bootloader to initialize

    bootloader failed NvError 0x0

    common failure: bootloader download failed

  • Duane707

    Thank you for all the info, everything went smooth as glass, and yes, I’m a newb, couldnt have been easier.. thanks for the vid, really helped.

  • Mecombem

    I cannot get root (flashed CM7.1.0 and lost root), is it absolutely necessary to have root before flashing the CWM recovery?  Can I just go ahead and flash CMW without root?

  • Ggih55

    can i restore my old files into a new rom

  • meshoo

    I am here to give thanks and hold my hat to such heros