T-Mobile G2x and Optimus 2x now bumped up to Gingerbread via Cyanogenmod 7

The T-Mobile and the international versions of the Android smartphone need not wait at T-Mobile/LG’s mercy any longer as the Cyanogenmod7 ROM has been ported on to both the variants of the LG Optimus 2x.  The development is still in the “nightly” so you have the options either waiting for a stable release or jump right in get it already.  That is if you are okay with the current bugs in video capture, brightness, and audio, which should be sorted out as more release candidates are out.  The procedure seems straightforward and involves the ROM Manager app (free version works fine) and the usual wipe, reset and install steps.

Head over to the G2x XDA thread if you use that version of the device or here if you own the other kind.


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