How To Unroot the T-Mobile G2X and Return it to Stock

Have a T-Mobile G2X and need to send it in for warranty? Or perhaps you just want to start over from scratch with the whole rooting thing? Either way, you need to get back to stock. Well, here’s how to revert your T-Mobile G2X back to the way it was out of the box when you got it.

I. Before You Begin

1. You MUST have done our How To Root and Load a Custom Recovery procedure for this to work properly.

2. This will return your G2X back to stock and erase all data on the phone.

II. Revert System and Data to Stock

1. Download the stock Nandroid Backup and save it to your computer.

Stock G2X Nandroid Backup (Original post with downloads)

2. Turn off your phone, then turn it back on by holding down volume down and power until you get to recovery mode.

3. Once in recovery mode, head to backup and restore then click on backup to perform a backup.

4. Once it says backup complete select back to get to the main menu, then select reboot system now.

5. Once the phone reboots, plug it in via USB cable and mount the sd card so we can transfer files to it.

6. Open the sd card on your computer and make sure there is a folder inside called “clockworkmod” and inside that folder is one called “backup”.

7. Extract the Stock Backup .zip file somewhere on your computer (so that it creates a new folder with the same name as the .zip file “LG-P999-V10f”)

8. Copy and paste the folder called “LG-P999-V10f” to inside the backup folder on the sd card that we found in step 6.

9. Unplug the device from the computer.

10. Turn off the device then turn it back on by holding down volume down and power until you get into recovery mode.

11. Once you get into recovery mode, scroll to Backup and Restore and select Restore.

12. Then choose the backup you just saved to it and wait for it to restore.

13. Once it is done, hit Wipe Data > Factory Reset.

14. Once the wipe is complete, hit reboot system now. Your phone should reboot to the setup screen you had when you first turned on the device.

III. Restore the Stock Recovery Image

1. Remove the battery from your device (if you put it back in).

2. Right click OneClickRecoveryFlasher.exe inside the NvFlasher folder inside the file you extracted from ourĀ How To Flash a Recovery Image procedure and select Run As Administrator (if such an option doesn’t exist, just select Open).

3. Now, hold Volume Up and Volume Down (and keep holding them through the next couple of steps).

4. Plug the phone in via USB Cable (with the volume up and volume down still being held).

5. While still holding the volume up and volume down buttons, click on Flash Stock Recovery on your computer.

6. Once it says “S/W Upgrade – Please wait while upgrading…”, you can let go of the volume up and volume down and just wait for it to finish flashing in the command prompt. (If you get ANY errors in the command prompt window, unplug the device, reopen the flasher and try again until it goes through with no errors).

7. Once it is done, it’ll say press any key to continue in the command prompt window on the computer. That means it is done, press enter then unplug your device from the computer.

8. Put your battery back in.

IV. Unroot the Phone

1. Open the SuperOneClick program you used to root the phone in our How To Root procedure.

2. Plug the device in and click the Unroot button in SuperOneClick and wait for it to finish.

3. So long as you have no errors, check in your device’s app drawer and make sure Superuser Permissions is no longer there. So long as it is gone, you are all set.

4. You are now back to completely stock and can send your phone in for warranty or head back to our How To’s to reroot and start over.

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