Microsoft Extends Windows Phone Mapping to Android App Developers

Microsoft’s comically cool looking “App Guy” is about the extend his experience from iPhone developers to Android developers. Microsoft now looking to increase their revenue by reaching out to the Android community by making their mapping tool compatible with Android APIs.

The “App Guy” also promises to become a larger presence amongst Android developer forums. Microsoft is acknowledging this is just the beginning and welcomes feedback, questions, and open dialogue from participating developers.

Even if Microsoft’s “App Guy” is a one man army, he’s backed with a new 90 page resource manual, the “Windows Phone 7 Guide For Android Application Developers”, claiming to be an easy to follow guide to Windows API mapping. We can’t wait to see how the Microsoft presence will be received amongst Android developers. Maybe the “App Guy” and his expertise will lend to the birth of new and even cooler Windows Phone Apps in the near future.


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