How To Setup Wifi (Wireless Internet) on Your Windows Phone Device

Maybe you bought a Windows Phone device and you decided to not get the data plan. Or perhaps, you did get the data plan but you want something a bit faster sometimes? Well, that’s where Wifi can help. Wifi is another name for a wireless internet hotspot. Within these designated areas, you can connect to the wifi network and get access to the internet at a much higher speed than the regular phone’s data network is usually capable of. Oh, and, did we mention, it’s free and unlimited to use Wifi instead of the data plan you bought?

Ok, now that you know what a wifi hotspot is, it would probably help to show you how to connect to it using your Windows Phone device. So here we go.

I. Connect to a Wifi Network

1. Go to Settings on your phone.

2. Click on Wi-Fi

3. Move the slider to the ON position.

4. Look for either an open network (one that you can connect to that does not require a password, i.e. a Wifi hotspot at Starbucks) or a secured network if you know the password to get on to it (i.e. your wifi network at home).

5. Once it is connected, head to the internet browser and try to load a site like… I don’t know… is always a nice site to visit 🙂 So long as it loads, you are all set!

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  • ht

    the only problem is you don’t have any explanation with hidden wifi. no way we can set up!!! any comments?