How To Use the Scribe Stylus on the HTC Flyer / HTC Evo View 4G

Just got your HTC Flyer and not quite sure how that silvery pen thing works? Let’s see if we can help you figure it out in today’s how to.



  • Tip of the pen can move, this is useful in that the screen can now know how hard you are pushing down on the pen when writing. This allows you to make darker or lighter lines, for example, when drawing.
  • Pen has two buttons. One is for highlighting and one if for erasing.

Pen Button

  • Tap the pen button with the pen to bring up the two pen shortcuts; one to just launch the notes app and one to take a screenshot of the current screen.
  • After that you can tap the pen icon to bring up the actual pen interface.

Pen Interface

  • The pen interface has four sections
    • The pen tool main section – includes the current pen selected, option to undo, redo, hide/show the drawing, trash the entire drawing and shows the last 5 pen tools you’ve used for quick access.
    • Pen size section – includes 5 varying sizes for the pen’s point.
    • Pen selection – includes all 7 different pen tools to choose from.
    • Color selection – which let’s you select… the color

Screenshot Mode

  • After you take a screenshot, you have four options; Save as jpg, share via various services, print to a bluetooth printer, and discard it entirely.
  • A helpful tip is to use the Share option to put the screenshot in the notes program like a scrapbook.

Notes App

  • You can draw, type, insert pictures, files, audio, etc. and even record your voice and the notes you took (displays the note you took at the time you took it).




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  • I wish there were more pen enabled apps, and people’s attitudes about whether there will be some in the future seem mixed. However, ALL of HTC’s tablets use this technology – its not going away – so I think we will see more. Great video!