Nexus One not “too old” for ICS – Android 4.0 ROM for the device now available

When Google said the much popular Nexus One was too long in the tooth to run Ice-Cream Sandwich, the news must have come as a disappointment to many users who were looking forward to running the latest and greatest Android build on their N1s.  This has been the case from many manufacturers too where devices have been doomed to stay at a certain OS version with no hope, but every time this has happened the dev community was there, waiting in the sidelines, dishing out ROMs that worked, even if not smoothly.  They have done it again and Nexus One users can now look forward to many builds based on the ICS 4.0 code.

With the source code out, there is already a build in the works with many components working, but it will still be a little while before things like audio, WiFi, cam and GPS kick back to life.  We hope that texasice on XDA doesn’t let go and keeps at it until he gets a stable ROM out – we’ll be here to tell you when that happens.


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