Four New XBox Live Games Headed Straight to Windows Phone 7 Users, Mango Optimized

It appears that the Microsoft team has been working on four new Xbox Live games that are expected to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace any day now. The four new games are described as “optimized for the newest Windows Phone 7.5,” and include: Age of Zombies by Halfbrick, Bullet Asylum by UberGeekGames, geoDefense Swarm by Critical Thought, and Tamagotchi by Namco.

These titles may seem familar soundng as other mobile platforms have been fortunate enough to enjoy three of the games already. GeoDefense Swarm and Tamagotchi are currently available in the App Store for iOS users, and Age of Zombies is available in both the Android Market and iOS App Store.Microsoft has yet to confirm release dates for the four games, but seeing as the games are already listed on their site, we’re betting it won’t be long until they’re released out into the wild. In the meantime, put your gaming fingers to work and check out the teaser video of Bullet Asylum above.


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