ASUS Confirms Windows 8 ARM Tablet with High-Res Android Model, Possible September Release

ASUS in a recent presentation in Taiwan confirmed its commitment to Windows 8 tablets, as well as confirming its efforts for the Android platform. Eee Systems chief Samson Hu stated that there would be an “ARM-based tablet using Microsoft’s new OS”. for 2012. Hu also alluded to a September release date, and mentioned that the device would surface before the year’s end.

Hu continued to outline that ASUS would actively continue to compete with Apple’s iPad 3 by designing a 10-inch tablet with a high resolution screen. This device could be either an entirely new model or an upgrade to the recently released Transformer Prime. Hu went on to explain that consumers should expect additional tablets to launch as the year progressed. A 3G-enabled variant of the Transformer Prime should hit retail markets in March, bringing with it a more capable GPS to compensate for the reported poor reception on the Wi-Fi tablet.As we’re all about innovation and competition in the overly saturated tablet market, so we’re looking forward to see what ASUS brings us for 2012.Source

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