Motorola Photon 4G to get ICS update in Q3 2012

Moto has handed in many a tardy slips when it came to updates, and it seems that things haven’t changed by a lot since the Motorola Droid first came out.  It’s yesteryear star, the Photon 4G, has a long wait ahead of it before it sees any official change in its current OS status – the company has released a roadmap regarding details on the Android 4.0 update for this device and others, and needless to say, things look grim on the official update side for Motorola users.

Other than the Photon 4G, which is said to receive the Ice-Cream Sandwich update in about six months or so, there are a lot of other devices that are aching for an update but won’t be getting it anytime soon, including big guns like the Atrix 4G, the new Droid 4 or even the Droid RAZR MAXX and in case of the RAZR MAXX, Bionic and the Droid 4, even Moto isn’t sure when it will be available to deliver.

It’s during these times that we thank our gods for the developer community and their constant work to keep things current – if you feel the same way about things, head over to our ROMs section to select a suitable ROM and flash it!!

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