HTC Liberates Beats Audio and Lockscreen APIs to Developer Community

When we were first introduced to the HTC Beats Audio-enabled devices we were a little saddened that the “enhancements” were limited to the native music app only. Who wouldn’t want Beats in Google Music, PowerAMP, and any other major music application for Android? Unfortunately, in the beginning this just wasn’t a reality. Things are looking up, however, as HTC has just provided the developer community with access to their Beats API. Essentially, developers can build the new audio experience into all sorts of different apps.

Along with liberating the Beats API, HTC has also released their Lockscreen API, which enables developers the chance to develop their apps in another area of Sense UI.The good news didn’t seem to stop there as HTC provided developers access to their mobile device management API and have plans to bring access to their MediaLink HD API. Dev friendly.

Developers can hit up the official HTC Blog for additional details.


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