Milestone XT720 gets a CyanogenMod9 port

The Motorola Milestone XT720 is one of those devices that are forgotten pretty soon, even by their own creators but leave it to do the devs to give dying devices a new breath of life.  While CyanogenMod doesn’t officially support the XT720, people like mchlbenner on XDA built upon the team’s CM9 (Android 4.0) ROM and we now have a working CM9 build that, although not fit enough to be your daily driver yet, manages to get things done if it is the bare essentials you are looking for.

Things currently working include the phone, texting, GPS, sensors and the gallery but work is ongoing to fix other add-ons like the camera, video capture/playback and tethering.  There will also be a lot of FCs and freezes, so any interested XT720 user who wants to flash this might only do so for toeing the water before going back to their previous ROM, and wait for a more stable release.  Those who want to keep an eye on how things are progressing can do so here.



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