Asus Eee PC Gets Unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich Love

So it would seem that the Android x86 project is coming along nicely thanks to this latest finding. For those that aren’t familiar, Android x86 is a project devoted to taking the Android operating system and putting it on the x86 architecture of chipsets which is most commonly found inside desktop/laptop computers.¬†With that in mind, the finding in question is the Asus Eee PC netbook running Android Ice Cream Sandwich aka Android 4.0. Thanks to the project, the Android OS boots up rather nicely on the little netbook and seems to run pretty smoothly as well. Check out the video below for a quick demo by a YouTube user named MrField1987.

Now this is all fine and dandy, but the real question is, would anyone want to do this? I guess when Windows 8 becomes mainstream the gap between tablet OS and desktop/laptop OS will be shortened and maybe Android on a laptop will make more sense, but in the meantime, I still don’t see an OS like Android replacing my current full-blown Mac or PC OS. Do any of you see a big benefit in using Android vs a “normal” laptop/desktop OS?

Either way, for those interesting in trying this out on their own, stay tuned for our how to set it up over the weekend.


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