DROID X .621 Build Root Method Unleashed

As Motorola and Verizon released recent bug fixer build 4.5.621 for the DROID X, they managed to upset its users once again. For anyone who decided to update to the new firmware, you’ll notice that all previous root methods are now blocked. Essentially, while build 4.5.621 fixes some bugs for the DROID X,  it leaves users without the ability to root again and utilize their device to its full potential.

Well, thankfully the folks at RootsWiki have released a root method in response. The work around involves flashing an SBF file that will turn your phone into a Milestone X, which is the European variant of the DROID X, rooting that, and then taking control of your phone from there with a DROID X custom ROM.

So, if you’re feeling adventurous, be prepared to flash Milestone X .604 software onto your phone, root it, and then pick out a DROID X ROM of your liking from our ROMs section.


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