Mobile Panda Claims Android 4.0.5 Is Headed for the Galaxy Nexus In April

Mobile Panda, or better known by his Twitter handle @black_man_x,  is notorious for having the inside scoop when it comes to Verizon and LTE devices. So, when he tweeted a little snippet related to a new Android build for the Galaxy Nexus, our ears perked up. Reportedly, build 4.0.5 is in testing and fixes “audio reboot issue as well as data falling asleep.”  Sounds good right? Well, we just wish that the new build would hurry up already. Considering the Galaxy Nexus was released in December, April seems like a long stretch to wait for the much needed updated.

Just one day after the GNex was released, Google announced that the 4.0.2 build it was running was already yesterday’s trash and that 4.0.3 would be the starting point for OEMs going forward. Ever since Nexus users have been plagued with a bug filled ICS device. Thankfully, users have been able to rely heavily on the developer community for a more reliable experience.

As April is a few short weeks away, let’s hope Mobile Panda is spot on with this projection.

Source Via DroidLife

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