Samsung Galaxy W gets CM9 ROM; still in alpha stages

CyanogenMod is a pretty well-known name in modding circles but many times, the custom ROMs built by this group are limited to high-end, popular devices, unless some enterprising owner of an ignored device takes up the mantle.  The same is true in the case of Galaxy W, a 1.4GHz CPU mid-range device, which will now see Ice-Cream Sandwich thanks to arco68, a Galaxy W user who just wasn’t satisfied with what he had.

The guy has ported CM9 to work with the Galaxy W and while still in its alpha stages, this could be your daily driver, if you can bear not having a usable camera, don’t need an FM radio, won’t have to tether and don’t use a Bluetooth headset.  Other than these, everything including hardware-accelerated video playback and WiFi seems a go.

You can head to the XDA thread to keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and even actually try the ROM if Gingerbread no longer tastes good.


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