How to Stop Auto Rotate for Images on an iPhone

Have you ever tried to take a photo or look at an image from an email/text/website on your iPhone and the picture keeps flipping/rotating? Sometimes when the image is displayed on screen, iPhone users find it frustrating when they have to constantly flip their phone horizontally and vertically to see the image properly without rotation.

Here is a quick an easy way to fix that, and stop image rotation as a function on your iPhone.

I. Before You Begin

1.  Please note that any of the following instructions will only have an effect on stopping the image flip on your iPhone; nothing else.

2. Also, this How to is not limited to any specific model; this will work on any iPhone.

II. Portrait Orientation

  1. Double click the Home button at the bottom of your screen.
  2. From there, locate first icon on the left, which is the Portrait Orientation.

*Note: If your images are flipping, this signifies that the Portrait Orientation setting is not locked.

3. Tap the Portrait Orientation icon > Set to LOCKED.

*Note: Once completed, a notification should appear underneath the menu reading “Portrait Orientation Locked.”

II. Test Function

After your setting has been switched to Lock, you may want to test your image function and make sure that it has worked. You can do this by going to your Camera Roll folder and trying it out on an existing image, or visiting the web. Either way, it should work for both options.

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