How to Use MotoCast on Motorola Phones

Newer Motorola phones have an awesome new tool, called MotoCast, which allows you to access files from your computer without the necessity of plugging in your phone or using an SD card. Some of the benefits include pulling files from your computer to your phone, streaming music from iTunes and moving pictures from your computer to your phone.

I. Getting Started

1. Go to on your computer.

2. Click download and install Motocast.

3. You can download the Windows, Mac or Android version (you need a compatible Motorola device for this to work).

4. Even if you have the Android app on your Motorola phone, you need to have the program on your computer as well.

5. You can use your Gmail account to sign up for MotoCast.

6. Once you are setup with MotoCast, you can use the application on your computer to access your files through the Internet, which is helpful if you have multiple computers set up with MotoCast.

II. Using the Phone Apps

1. There are a series of apps on the Motorola compatible devices that are related to MotoCast: My Files, My Gallery and My Music; all of them can be found in the apps menu.

2. For each of these apps you will see an option that has a red circle with small arrows, this means you can connect to MotoCast. Your computer has to be on in order for this to work.

3. When you open My Files, you will see a file manager, which allows you to look through the internal storage, SD card, shared folders and MotoCast Computers files.

4. My Gallery allows you to see your friends’ photo updates from various social networks, you can also use this app to view the photos you have taken, backup your photos, view your online photos (from social networks) and connect to your computer.

5.  My Music gives you the option to connect to your computer library, listen to podcasts, find internet radio and access the music store. If you want to listen to music through Google Play Music you will have to find the app separately.

III. Accessing Widgets

1. If you hold your finger down on the specific screen you want to put the widget on, and then scroll through the widgets, you will see the option to add the separate MotoCast apps (Gallery and Music) or just the MotoCast app by itself.

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