How to Create Folders on an Android Phone

Creating folders helps keep apps and documents together and makes navigation on a phone easier. On Android phones there is an easy way to create and manage folder to free up app clutter and keep important files together.

I. Creating Folders

1. Choose which screen you want to place a folder on (you can always move the folder later).

2. Hold your finger down on the screen and choose ‘Folders’ from the menu.

3. A list of options pops up with a few pre-made folders that you can place on your screen. If you are looking to create a new folder altogether choose ‘New folder’.

4. You should now see a folder icon on your screen that will be named ‘Folder.’ To change this name simply click the folder to open it and hold your finger down on the ‘Folder’ title at the top left.

II. Adding to Folders

1. If you want to add an app to a folder go to the app menu and hold your finger down on the app icon.

2. A menu will pop up with options, select ‘Add to home.’

3. Once the app is on the home screen you can drag it and drop it on top of the folder.

III. Organizing Files

1. If you want to make a folder in your files go to your file storage.

2. Select internal or SD card.

3. Press the menu key and select ‘New folder.’

4. Find the file you want to put in the folder and hold your finger down on the file.

5. Select ‘Move.’

6. Navigate to your newly created folder and select it.

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  • dcaval

    That’s how it worked before the update but not now. How do I make a folder after an update?

  • how to create folder in android file browser it’s writing creating field…